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    Podcasting made simple -- record high quality audio & video, and edit like a doc on a text editor

    Meet Libretto: a cutting-edge recording platform that simplifies podcasting and editing.

    Offering high-quality, separate audio and video tracks for each participant plus a backup cloud recording, Libretto ensures your content always sounds professional with features like live soundboards and automatic audio enhancements.


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    Streamline podcast production with high-quality recording, automatic transcription, and advanced editing tools
    Enhance audience engagement with easy-to-use collaboration features and multi-language captioning capabilities



    Achieve professional podcast production with Libretto's studio-quality recording and live soundboard.

    Studio quality recording and interactive soundboard

    Capture studio-quality sound and visuals with Libretto's advanced recording capabilities.

    • High-definition audio and video recording ensures professional output
    • Live soundboard integration allows adding intros and ads on the fly during recordings
    Streamline your editing process with Libretto's innovative transcript-based tools.

    Effortless editing with transcript-based tools

    Edit your podcasts and videos as easily as editing a document with Libretto’s transcript-based editor.

    • Automatically transcribe recordings for easy editing
    • Trim and combine clips directly from the text-based interface

    Collaborate and refine your media with precision using Libretto’s advanced editing features.

    Collaborative editing and precision trimming

    Enhance your production workflow with collaborative tools and precise editing options.

    • Invite team members to edit collaboratively in real-time
    • Trim clips with precision, keeping only the best parts of your recordings
    Enhance accessibility with accurate transcriptions and multi-language captions from Libretto.

    Advanced captioning and transcription

    Maximize accessibility and engagement with Libretto's transcription and captioning capabilities.

    • Fast, accurate transcription converts speech to text effortlessly
    • Apply captions automatically in multiple languages

    With Libretto, you're equipped to produce podcasts that are not just heard but felt. From studio-quality recordings to seamless editing and collaboration, Libretto provides all the tools you need in one platform.

    Take your podcasting to the next level with Libretto—start creating content that resonates today.

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    Hi Sumo-lings! 🚀

    Thanks for checking out Libretto and for using it. We have been hard at work making Libretto better.

    Here's our roadmap showing the work we hope to accomplish over the next several weeks.

    Take a look and let us know what you think. Here's our Discord server where you can ask any questions, and where

    we will share announcements.

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