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    Limey lets you streamline your digital presence with custom sites, shortened links, and QR codes

    In the vibrant world of digital content creation, creators face hurdles like unwieldy links and static bio pages, limiting engagement and growth.

    Enter Limey, a platform tailored for all creators.


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    Create sites, shorten links, and generate QR codes all in one place
    Limey enables creators to streamline their digital footprint, enhance audience engagement, and unlock new growth opportunities


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    Choose from a template or start with a blank canvas.

    Limey is a simple website builder that allows you to build beautiful websites within minutes.

    You can create a single link that you can add to your bio on all social platofrms or a website that captures leads for your marketing campaigns.

    Capture. Export. Delete.

    Limey makes it easy for you to view and manage all your leads in one place.

    Email notifications, delete individual leads or in bulk, and much more.

    Build with ease.

    Long and ugly URLs from various platforms, can deter audience interaction. Meanwhile, bio sites, essential for centralizing a creator's online presence, often lack flexibility and analytical depth.

    Limey provides customizable Bio Link templates to connect all of your content with just one link.

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    From the founders

    Limey Update - June

    Hi Sumolings! 👋

    Thank you so much for the ongoing support and feedback. Keep them coming! 💚

    We have a lot more in the works, but here’s what’s been done in June so far:

    • Content & Style tabs between blocks are not connected anymore

    • Same pencil edit icon for all cards

    • Fixed missing analytics and improved performance

    • Fixed site images randomly deleting (bug)

    • Improved background color not matching the site footers

    • Fixed custom domains bug where DNS records didn’t show (bug)

    • You can now edit links after they’re created

    • Improved help center design

    • Improved Support Me block:

    •  Added padding option
    • Fixed sidebar inconsistencies
    • Redesigned for dynamic background colors
    • Added text color control
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