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    Use this AI site builder to create white-labeled client websites in minutes

    When you can’t afford pricey developers, working with WordPress templates is just the lesser of two evils. (“We can do this the easy way, or—actually, we can only do this the hard way.”)

    But if you want to scale your freelance business or agency, you have to find a way to pump out websites for clients without sacrificing quality.

    Imagine describing what you need and watching AI build it so you can deliver a fully-coded website to your clients in hours, not weeks.

    Get it done with Lindo Ai.


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    Build no-code websites in minutes by simply describing what you need to your personal AI developer
    White label your own Lindo Ai clone, complete with agency name, logo, and domain, to sell your services



    Lindo Ai is an AI site builder that lets you create white-labeled websites for clients—without writing any code.

    With Lindo Ai, you can use dynamic templates to create website pages, copy, and images for any niche in just minutes.

    All you have to do is describe what you need, and then the AI will generate a fully fleshed-out website.

    Customize templates for any use case, or even build one yourself. The more you work with your templates, the better Lindo Ai gets at making 'em.

    AI website builder

    Just describe your product, select a language, and let AI build your website in minutes!

    It’s easy to add, remove, or edit items in each block using the AI-powered web page editor, which is packed with different layouts.

    Use the AI assistant to polish your web copy by rewriting existing copy, fixing grammar, and cutting out all the fluff.

    You can choose brand colors, pick fonts, and switch between light and dark modes—without writing a single line of code!

    Ai web page editor

    Use the AI assistant to customize the layout, design, and copy on your website.

    Want to pack all this up and sell it to your clients? You can run a Lindo Ai clone outfitted with your agency name, logo, and domain.

    That way, you can give clients editing access to your branded website builder and let them update things on their own.

    Even with a white-label solution, you’ll get future updates as Lindo Ai grows—all hosted on AWS at no extra cost.

    White-label website builder

    With the white-label solution, you can give clients editing access to your branded website builder.

    With Lindo Ai integrations, you can manage connections to your favorite tools and enable features like live chat, analytics, data management, payments, and more.

    Use the embed blocks to integrate with YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, Castbox, Typeform, Tally Form, Eventbrite, or Airtable.

    And best of all, you’ve always got the option to add custom code at the global, site, and block level.


    Integrate seamlessly with the tools you already use every day!

    You’re just one bug away from losing a client when you’re building websites on your own. (Logic error detected, initiating screaming.)

    Lucky for you, Lindo Ai lets you easily build functional, white-labeled websites that impress your clients—all without writing any code.

    Build websites fast with AI.

    Get lifetime access to Lindo Ai today!

    From the founders

    A message from Lindo Ai

    Hey, Sumo-lings!

    I'm Saeed, co-founder of Lindo Ai, the AI website builder revolutionizing how freelancers and agencies create tailored websites with ease. Lindo Ai stands out for its unique blend of AI Dynamic Templates and a powerful white-label solution.

    What's SO special about it?

    In the world of website building, Lindo Ai is your go-to solution. It's not just about creating websites; it's about transforming the way you approach design and development. Our AI Dynamic Templates empower you to craft websites for diverse niches effortlessly, scaling your offerings like never before.

    Why Lindo Ai?

    🚀 No-Code, All Power: Lindo Ai enables you to build websites without a single line of code. The power lies in simplicity, allowing you to focus on what matters – delivering exceptional websites to your clients.

    🌐 White-Label Brilliance: With our white-label solution, Lindo Ai becomes yours. Your agency name, your logo, and your domain – all in seconds. It's not just about websites; it's about creating a branded environment that resonates with your clients.

    🖌️ AI Editor Magic: Lindo Ai Editor transforms your website-building experience. From AI-powered blocks to customizable designs, Lindo Ai Editor gives you full control. Add, remove, or edit blocks effortlessly, making your website truly yours.

    🤝 Seamless Integrations: Lindo Ai understands the importance of seamless integration with your favorite tools. Whether it's global integrations like Crisp or site-specific links and buttons, Lindo Ai ensures a smooth collaboration with your existing toolkit.

    Why choose Lindo Ai?

    In a nutshell, Lindo Ai streamlines the website creation process, eliminates the need for extensive coding, and amplifies your agency's branding. It's about putting revenue growth on autopilot, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – marketing and sales.

    I'm thrilled to have Lindo Ai as part of the AppSumo community! Let's revolutionize website building together! 🚀

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