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    Create and manage branded short URL that dynamically routes visitors based on their features and get insightful analytics.

    For website managers who place ads on their own websites and online advertisers who post links to other platforms, it can become a chore to manage these links and to track how well they perform.

    Linkila allows you to create short links with your own domain names, decide exactly what your links look like, determine how visitors are redirected, and get access to real-time insights into how they perform.

    With link routing, Linkila allows you to set rules around your link so you can redirect visitors to different destinations based on their features, including country, language, device type, screen size, etc.

    For users who don't want to use a separate domain, Linkila can generate backend files for each link so they can be hosted alongside other content on your website.

    Linkila also comes with a globally distributed dispatcher, auto SSL, and unlimited links & short links.

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    Create custom, branded short urls with your own domain
    Create your own rules that redirect visitors to different destinations based on their geolocation, language, browser, etc.
    Get insightful real-time analytics of your links so you can slice and dice your data to get the exact metrics you want




    From the founders

    December 10, 2020

    Hey, awesome Sumo-ling community!

    This is Siqi from Linkila!

    We are so excited to launch Linkila today!

    Linkila started as an internal tool in 2016 as it became very annoying for us to manage the 100+ links/images of ads that different people put on our 20+ websites. We didn’t want to go into individual CMS and change the links one by one, we wanted a better solution, a solution that allows us to do it in a single place. So we built a link redirection service to do this.

    In early 2017, we started to add features such as showing different ads for people from different places, which allows us to sell the same advertisement slots to different people. In early 2020, we decided to share this tool to other people and during the initial period of testing we discovered many new use cases people use it for, so we incorporated these ideas into the tool that became Linkila.

    With these changes, Linkila now caters to not only website managers but also advertisers, advertisement agencies or whoever eager to:

    Manage numerous numbers of links with ease.

    Get a clear insight into how those links perform based on various real-time metrics.

    Easily customize how visitors are redirected based on their features such as locations, languages, screen size, etc!

    Maximize brand exposure by creating short links with your own domain names and get full control of what your link looks like.

    We are eager to hear your thoughts and feedback and to incorporate them into the product. So, please feel free to leave any comments and reviews below or drop us an email at


    What geolocation database does Linkila use, what’s the accuracy?

    We are using publicly available rir statistics data and we check for updates everyday.

    The accuracy for residential networks on the country level is pretty good based on our user feedback.

    However, we are planning to add commercial databases when it makes sense financially and allow users to upload their own databases.

    What’s the network performance

    We have globally anycasted CDN pops in 9 different locations across the world, and we are working on expanding/improving the infrastructure even more.

    What happens if I went over the event limits quota

    Older events will not be accounted for when generating analytics reports. They will be counted when showing the total clicks of a link or filter. Older events will be permanently removed after 30 days.

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