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    Generate leads, boost ROI, and drive traffic with optimized social bio links

    If your social media followers never actually visit your website or interact with you off of Instagram, do they even count? (“My bad, I thought you ‘liking’ my post meant you liked me.”)

    Instagram bios only allow one link, so you’d better make it count if you want to actually convert the followers enjoying your free content.

    Looking for a way to increase traffic to your site and retarget one-time visitors by maximizing your bio link?

    Say hello to Linkjoy.


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    Add links to every Instagram post while measuring performance from the dashboard
    Alternative to: Linktree, Bitly, and Rebrandly
    Shorten URLs and run scripts to retarget one-time visitors to get more out of your ads



    Linkjoy helps marketers get major ROI from their links by providing social bio links, link retargeting, and Instagram post links.

    Linkjoy’s Link in Bio feature lets you create mobile-first, micro landing pages in minutes using themes and customizable layouts.

    So you can customize the layout for your products and services to make them stand out and include calls-to-action to boost conversions.

    You’ll be able to direct your followers to the right places and drive traffic to your website by adding links to your services, products, and videos. (“Step right up, come one, come all!”)

    And with the handy in-depth analytics feature, you can measure unique clicks your content receives, and track the types of content your audience prefers.

    Social media bio links

    With Linkjoy, you can get a custom domain bio link to curate the best content you have.

    With limited chances to convert on social media, Linkjoy helps you get the most out of that one bio link.

    Create a clickable optimized landing page using your one link, making it easier than ever for followers to go exactly where you want them to.

    When followers click on your bio link, they’ll see your feed with clickable images that they can use to start shopping or check out your website pages.

    Instagram post links

    Linkjoy lets you add links to every Instagram post, so your followers can go anywhere you want them to.

    Wanna get more out of your social media ads? Use Linkjoy to shorten your URLs and run scripts to retarget one-time visitors.

    Once you shorten your links, you’ll be able to personalize the last part of the URL to create a seamless branded visitor experience.

    On top of that, you can also track the number of link clicks, conversion rates, referral sources, locations, and devices.

    Create a shortened URL

    You can shorten, track, and customize your links to retarget one-time visitors.

    Linkjoy’s real-time analytics allow you to measure ROI straight from Instagram and learn how people interact with your links and posts.

    And to take it up a notch, you can also gain further insight by tracking pixels from your favorite services like Google Analytics, Facebook, and Google AdWords.

    Just head over to the dashboard to measure total and unique clicks for each piece of content while you track the locations of the clicks.

    Location, timezone, and device graphs

    Track, measure, and analyze how your followers interact with your links, so you can do more of what works!

    Trying to figure out which one link should live in your Instagram bio is like trying to pick your favorite Pokémon. (Aren’t we supposed to catch them all?)

    Linkjoy helps you do more with your one link, so you can easily drive traffic wherever you want and retarget one-time visitors.

    Take your link in bio to the next level.

    Get lifetime access to Linkjoy today!

    From the founders



    Co-founder & Chief Executive

    Updates to Linkjoy! October, 6, 2022

    Hello Sumo lings, Here's what we've built since the last update on Linkjoy: 💼 Client Portal - Create Clients and their contacts in linkjoy - Assign them assets across link in bio, instagram bio link, link retargeting, custom domains - Invite and offer access to your clients to add, update and view all their assets - Unlimited clients across all plans - More on this here --> ✅ Chrome Extension - If you are already on a link and want to shorten it, no need to open linkjoy, log in and navigate to link retargeting. - You can now just use our chrome extension here --> - Chrome extension also supports your custom domains 🔗 APIs - We've just released our APIs for link shortening. So, if you are building an App and want to create short URLs using APIs, you can now do that at scale. - More on this here --> 📱 Social Widgets - In link in bio, you can now add your Tiktok, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc as social widgets as well -- We are now starting our work on Deep Linking, Link Cloaking and integrations with Zapier, Pabbly, Make (formerly Integromat), Integrately and Syncspider. -- - Consider joining our community here --> - Check our the roadmap here --> - Get Free Resources for your Business here -->

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