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    Grow your business with monetized webinars using a feature-packed virtual meeting platform

    Webinars are a great way to grow your business—if you know how to monetize your content. (“Sure, I accept all major credit cards. Like, on an emotional level.”)

    Unfortunately, using different external software and plugins to host paid virtual event can get super tricky and expensive for your team.

    You need a webinar platform that makes it easy to organize, host, and even monetize all your online events without any limits.

    Introducing LiveWebinar.


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    Host and monetize webinars, share documents securely, and collaborate using a cloud-based platform
    Schedule duplicate events automatically, gather lead data, and connect your CRM to build your base and drive sales



    LiveWebinar is a dynamic webinar platform that lets you present and collaborate on content in real time, and run paid webinars stress-free.

    LiveWebinar lets you host meetings under your own domain and add customized branding—no installation or download required!

    With this platform, you can run paid webinars, sell tickets to virtual events, monetize your hobbies, and grow your business.

    You’ll be able to schedule webinars and customize all their settings, including registration forms, chat, and sounds.

    And since this platform lets you automatically duplicate settings, it’s a cinch to schedule recurring meetings.


    Schedule and host all kinds of webinars right from your dashboard.

    You can create meetings for different use cases, so your classes, presentations, and conference calls are set up for success.

    Use classroom mode to focus on the presenter, or one-on-one mode to enable private conversations during meetings.

    The real-time collaborative features make it easy to work with your team on whiteboards, spreadsheets, and Miro boards—all without leaving the platform.

    Thanks to LiveWebinar’s double-encrypted storage, you can also store your files and data securely.

    Webinar features

    LiveWebinar offers tons of features and meeting modes for every use case.

    Design no-code webinar registration pages, so you can attract more visitors and convert them into leads.

    You can add call-to-action buttons to landing pages, and fine-tune the look with custom colors, images, and layouts.

    Because this tool integrates with Zapier, Mailchimp, and HubSpot, you’ll be able to move leads down your marketing funnel.

    Wish you could simplify your planning? LiveWebinar lets you personalize event information, agendas, and settings.

    Calls to action

    Set up landing pages and calls to action to attract a wider audience and convert more leads.

    LiveWebinar’s easy-to-use, customizable interface helps you do even more with your virtual meetings and webinars.

    You can translate chat into more than 100 languages, control audio and video settings for audience reactions, and set up real-time feedback surveys.

    Plus, you’ll be able to host webinars on any platform and broadcast them to channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.

    Extra features

    LiveWebinar is packed with features to help you get more out of your meetings.

    It’s hard to host virtual meetings when your video conferencing platform just has a random selection of “fun” filters. (“I don’t think this potato filter is gonna seal the deal.”)

    Thankfully, LiveWebinar is packed with awesome presentation tools, so you can connect with your audience, monetize your content, and collaborate with your team.

    Level up your webinar strategy.

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    New Features on LiveWebinar

    We are happy to announce that at Sumolings' request we have just added chat option to evergreens. We do hope that it will help to enrich your automated events 💪🏻

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