Logii Anti-Detect Browser - Plus exclusive

    One-time payment. Lifetime deal.

    Run multiple ad accounts & do multi-account marketing easily without getting banned.

    Logii is the most powerful multi-login browser with the best anti-detect and anti-browser fingerprinting systems. You can create multiple profiles and log into any site using multiple accounts at the same time with the click of a button.

    It is a must-have tool for growth marketers, social marketers, lead marketers, and advertisers. Logii solves the biggest problem of growth marketers: account bans due to browser-fingerprinting.

    Run multiple social accounts as well as ad accounts on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and others easily. Reach out to more leads, connect with more people, run more ad experiments, and even work on same profiles from multiple computers. In this special offer, you get access to a one-time account on Logii Pro.

    The Pro version gives you unlimited profiles and profile sharing along with support for proxies and top-grade anti-browser fingerprinting features. Get access to this Logii Anti-Detect Browser - Plus exclusive now!


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    Create multiple accounts and profiles without getting banned & locked out by the big sites
    Create multiple profiles and log into any site using multiple accounts at the same time
    We have round-the-clock online chat support and ticket support Mon-Sat for your queries


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    Watch the demo video of Logii and see how it can help you do multi-account marketing without getting banned.
    Do multi-account marketing securely and without any worries

    With Logii, no need to limit yourself with outreach marketing. It provides 100% protection on all social media sites, forum sites, and blog sites, letting you push your products ahead without any worries of getting banned.

    Prevents you from getting fingerprints from big giant sites

    Add proxies to your accounts and fully control your browser fingerprints. It allows you to choose your location, IP, browser type, device, and anything else you browse any site. You can use any free or paid proxies. Logii supports both.

    Work on all your ad accounts together, keeping your tabs opened side by side.

    Logii allows you to open different tabs together and work on them. You can open each account on separate profiles and open each tab separately. This allows you to organize things in your way and give equal attention to all.

    Share your accounts without passwords or OTPs

    If you have multiple accounts, you must have faced this issues of logging in and logging out all day. Logii solves this problem. Logii is fast and secure and helps you to share your accounts easily with your friends and colleagues without the need of sharing your passwords or OTPs. All they need to have is a Logii browser. You can easily export your profile and share with them and ask them to import it on their Logii Browser.

    Get Logii at a never-before price

    The Logii (Elite + Pro Version) original price was $164 but you're getting it at only $99.


    - Perfect for multi account marketing and running multiple ads.

    - More affordable than any alternative

    - Allows sharing accounts without sharing passwords or OTPs

    - It’s fast and secure. No login-logout hassles.

    - Complete Logii training guide along with tricks to become a marketing professional.


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