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    Kona is a Slack plugin that builds remote team culture.

    Emotional connection is crucial for culture and trust, but how do you create it in a virtual environment? It’s hard to “read the room” on a remote team and get a sense of how teammates are feeling.

    Use Kona to build a transparent culture without changing your workflow.

    Kona automates daily check-ins to give you visibility on team emotions. Spark watercooler conversations, lead empathetic meetings, and get a pulse on team health. All in Slack!

    With smart insights on team trends and burnout, Kona gives managers a sixth sense so they can lead with empathy.

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    From the founders




    February 26, 2021

    Hi everyone!

    I’m Corine, co-founder of 🐶 Kona. Sid, Andrew, and I started working on this in October 2019 as students at UCLA. We love remote work, so we interviewed 500+ remote leaders to learn what makes it so hard. Even with the pandemic, managers always mentioned the difficulty of building trust and relationships.

    Kona is our response to the isolation and lack of emotional connection on remote teams. We've been lucky to go through Techstars and work with 50+ awesome teams at Asana, Medium, Typeform, Outreach.io, HelpScout, TeamSnap, CoffeeMeetsBagel, and more to develop the early versions.

    It’s been so fulfilling to help managers stay emotionally connected with their teammates. We’re thrilled to launch Kona on AppSumo.

    This deal includes Kona's entire Slack suite. With Kona, you can:

    💚 Check-in on emotions in Slack. No more mood spreadsheets or distracting surveys.

    👏 Build trust and support one another. Talk about your cookie at lunch or that stubbed toe.

    🗓 Add crucial context to meetings. Read the room before you enter a Zoom meeting.

    🌟 Get a manager sixth sense. Alerts on health trends help you show up as a leader.

    📊 Track team health data. Make data-based decisions for your team culture.


    If you're like me, you probably have a ton of questions. Here are our top three Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Who can see Kona's responses?

    We believe in transparency and psychological safety. That's why we recommend keeping Kona's check-ins in a locked Slack channel. That way everyone in your direct team can stay up to date, but vulnerable information stays within the team.

    2. Who's the best user for Kona?

    Kona is a trust-based tool, which is why we start from the bottom-up. We recommend highly-empathetic managers to try it with their team first. From there, we often build up a solid use case and bring it to People Ops!

    3. What your privacy policy?

    A security review is very typical for our companies! You can review our privacy policy here (https://bit.ly/3pVL8CH) and email me for further documentation.


    Let's make your remote workplace happier for everyone :)

    You can reach me at corine@sikeinsights.com. We'd love to know what you think!



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