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    Struggling To Grow Your Email List? Use LEADPAL To Create a 1-Click Smart Lead Generation Campaign.

    Create smart lead generation & viral leads campaigns that allow 1-click opt-in of verified email addresses in just 60 seconds or less.

    Use LeadPal to generate email leads from: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Yahoo, Apple, Google & Microsoft.

    Connect & sync leads with major email marketing tools: GetResponse, Aweber, Constant Contact, Convertkit, Sendlane, Mailchimp, Zapier/Webhook, HTML Form & more.

    The leads you get are top-quality and 100% verified email addresses, which means more opens, clicks, and sales.

    FACT: 88% of customers admit they’ve lied on an online registration/sign up form.

    When users OPTIN using an existing social profile, there’s a much higher likelihood that the data is truthful.

    With LeadPal, people won’t need to type a thing; they’ll simply grant you access to their existing credentials. This eliminates false identities since social networks authenticate these email addresses already.

    With LeadPal you get 72% more opt-in rate and higher engagement.

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    Create smart lead generation & viral leads campaigns that allow 1-click opt-in of verified email addresses
    Connect & sync leads with major email marketing tools
    Eliminate false identities
    Generate email leads from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, etc.



    With LeadPal you can start collecting verified social leads without the need for opt-in forms

    From the founders

    January 28, 2021

    Hey Sumo-lings! It’s a pleasure to finally meet you!

    This is Able Chika with LeadPal and I made this app with you in mind.

    If you’re like most online entrepreneurs, you’re either currently collecting leads for your online business, or you know that you should be collecting leads…

    Unfortunately, lead generation is one of the areas where almost every online business could do better… That’s because…More Leads = More Opportunities To Sell…and that means… More addition to your bottom line!

    LeadPal has solved most of the questions: “Why most online businesses struggle to get results with their lead generation”?

    Getting traffic to your opt-in page takes a lot of work

    Some of the leads you get are bogus which decreases your profits per lead

    Because your visitors have to enter their email address manually, many just won’t do it due to having a short attention span

    Setting up an opt-in page can be incredibly time-consuming and require some technical skills

    Difficult to craft and collect perfectly-timed email reminders to your UNDECIDED VISITORS

    No option to go viral by asking your subscribers to share your link with their friends to unlock your lead magnet.

    You have to make sure you’re compliant with regulations like CAN-SPAM and GDPR to avoid hefty fines.

    What If You Didn’t Have To Stress Out About Any Of This? What If There Was A Simple Software Solution That Made It Easy To…

    Collect more leads

    Boost the quality of the leads you get

    Better engage your leads

    ...The good news is… There is one now😄

    With LeadPal you can now;

    Collect 1-Click verified email leads from Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, Linkedin, and Yahoo.

    Connects & Syncs leads with major email marketing tools… Zapier/ Webhook, HTML form, Infusionsoft (Keap), ConvertKit, Active Campaign, Klaviyo, MailChimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, Aweber, Mailer Lite, Sendiio, MailVio, iContact, Sendlane, and Drip

    Quickly grow your email list without any tedious coding or technical skills needed

    Easily share your unique opt-in links on social media, websites, forums, and ads platforms

    Intuitive software that uses advanced modern technology to detect where someone is currently signed in so it displays that social icon first

    The leads you get are top-quality and 100% verified email addresses which mean more opens, clicks, and sales

    Use LeadPal to require an opt-in to view a lead magnet or any other content you choose

    Add LeadPal as a pop-up to any website or blog and LeadPal will automatically send reminders to visitors who opt-in

    Works perfectly in any language and country

    Finally, we’ve developed an easy way to quickly grow your email lists without any technical skills or list-building experience needed…

    We hope you love this product we’ve built specifically to address one of the problems we all face as internet marketers and online business owners...

    If you purchased LeadPal, thank you🙌! Concerns whatsoever do let me know☝


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