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    One-time payment. Lifetime deal.

    Increase your buyer traffic from Pinterest on full automation within a few days using Pinflux.

    Pinterest is one of the best platforms to promote products on because of its visual impact and the deep focus on lifestyle and products.

    Pinflux makes it easy for you to manage and grow your Pinterest profiles. It lets you find interesting content and then schedule it, as well as grow your Pinterest account by connecting to other members.

    This is a Windows-based Desktop app that can run on your PC in the background, automating your Pinterest marketing tasks.

    Pinflux is being used by over 2,000 marketers already and has helped them successfully scale up their marketing on Pinterest.

    You get the Pro version of Pinflux, which will cost $104 per year ($37 + $67 upgrade) if you buy from its website

    You also get access to extensive training on using Pinflux, as well as high-quality training that will teach you how to market on Pinterest.

    We have a 24/6 live chat support process. If you have any issues with the software or access, you can go to our website and talk to a real person.


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    Makes it easy for you to manage and grow your Pinterest profiles
    Find interesting content and then schedule it, as well as grow your Pinterest account by connecting to other members
    Successfully scale up their marketing on Pinterest


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    Watch the demo of Pinflux and see how you can automate your Pinterest marketing campaign & boost your sales
    Find quality pins & boards within minutes

    Just type the keyword and Pinflux will find you the best quality pins and boards within minutes. This feature will help you to attract only the highest quality traffic.

    Make your pins reach your target audience at the right time

    You can’t always stay active on Pinterest. With the help of Pinflux, you can easily schedule your pin at the time when most of your target audiences are active. Make your pins reach the right people at the right time and boost your sales with the auto-scheduling feature.

    Automatically repins the best pins to bring you traffic

    Finds the best pins on Pinterest and repins them to bring more traffic. This feature automatically repins the highest quality pins which it thinks can bring you lots of traffic.

    Follow people from your niche & earn follow backs

    Pinflux automatically follows people who belongs to your niche and will help you earn follow backs. If someone doesn’t follow you back, Pinflux automatically unfollows that person. This feature helps to get rid of those who don’t follow you back.

    Get Pinflux at a never before price

    The Pinflux (Elite + Pro Version) original price was $164 but you're getting it at only $99.


    - It’s cost effective

    - Finds quality repins

    - Brings more sales & sign ups

    - 1-click easy set up

    - Detailed trainings & tutorials

    From the founders

    May 06, 2022

    Hello Sumo-Lings!

    My name is Cyril Gupta and I am the founder of Teknikforce. I have been creating products for Internet marketers for nearly 10 years now. Our products span the complete breadth of IM including, Social Media, Email, SEO, PPC.

    We have over 120K users for our products.

    Pinflux is a popular Pinterest marketing software that is being used by over 7,000 marketers. Get more details about it here -

    With nearly 200 million monthly active users, a high presence of female users, and a big percentage of buyers (93% of Pinterest visitors complete a purchase) you can't be giving Pinterest a miss!

    Till now Pinterest lay untapped for automation because there was no effective automation software that unlocked every feature of Pinterest.

    Pinflux is the most powerful desktop-based, traffic automation tool that is going to run fast and easy to yield you the best Pinterest marketing results.

    Pinflux powerful features that make it a surefire profit crunching app for you:

    Works with multiple boards across multiple IDs.

    Automates pinning of fresh content.

    Search and automatically finds powerful content from Pinterest.

    Finds pins in any niche and repins them to your boards.

    Automatically follows niche targeted profiles.

    Unfollow automation for profiles that did not follow you back.

    Like & activity automation.

    100% support for manual actions. You can do everything from within Pinflux

    Pinflux sets your Pinterest marketing on a fast track gives you tons of more benefits and it's all too easy to set and run.

    The 3-Step Simple Traffic Process

    1. Connect all your Pinterest accounts & Boards

    2. Set up your keywords & board settings.

    3. Watch your Pinterest traffic & stats grow.

    Readymade videos and walkthroughs that show you how you can do everything with Pinflux.

    Look here :

    Plus, we have 24/6 live chat support.

    We also have a successful Facebook group where users can hang out and share tips. Our team is there too to help you along. Access to the group is only available after purchase.

    Some people have asked me why the Pinflux price of $49 seems higher than the listing on the main site for $37 per year.

    That's because what you are getting here is Pinflux Pro. With this powerful upgrade, your customers get these pro-level features.

    - 2 years of free upgrades

    - Support for unlimited accounts

    - Support for unlimited boards

    - Unlimited posts

    - Unlimited Engagement

    - Commercial license

    and a number of other enhancements that are not a part of the Elite version - $67/Year

    The Elite buyers need to pay an extra $97 per year (inside the app) to get access to Pro.

    So they are actually paying $67 + $97 ($164) per year to get the deal that you're getting in Appsumo.

    Want to know more about us, go here:

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