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    Voiceform is the most efficient way to collect qualitative feedback at scale

    The best way to understand your customers and your audience is by listening to them… but any busy Marketer, Podcaster, Course Creator, Educator, Business Owner, and Copywriter knows this isn't possible at scale. Voiceform makes it possible with audio surveys.

    Create surveys and share them with your audience and/or customers in minutes.

    Upload images and design your surveys with custom fonts and colors to match with your brand guidelines.

    Search for commonly used keywords using our topic search feature and get emotional insights through sentiment analysis. For more granular insights, you can listen to individual audio files and also take advantage of our real-time transcription.

    Easily download audio files or export to CSV and/or excel to quickly share the results with team members.

    Voiceform is the most efficient way to collect qualitative feedback at scale. Next time you're doing UX research, gathering feedback, or asking for product reviews, try Voiceform.

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    From the founders


    Voiceform Team

    Co Founder

    May 19, 2021

    Hi Sumo-Lings! 🌮

    My name is Philip, I’m one of the cofounders of Voiceform. I’m excited to introduce Voiceform to the community here!

    Voiceform is a cloud-based, modern and beautiful online survey software solution, which offers powerful customization and the ability to create surveys that can be answered with voice.

    Voiceform’s top features include:

    1. The ability to create surveys and forms, send them to thousands of people or embed on your website.

    2. Change Colors and fonts, add images, and record your own voice as well.

    3. Have all the audio transcribed in up to 12 languages.

    4. Get granular insights with sentiment analysis and listen to the audio.

    5. Download in a CSV or Excel format

    We’re running a crazy lifetime deal for our Pro plan so grab your account while it’s available, they won’t last ;)

    Cheers, Philip :)

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