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Have you ever left a website because there were just too many options and you didn’t know which was right for you? (“It’s like The Cheesecake Factory menu from my nightmares.”)

Well, your leads are doing the same thing, because they don’t know which of your products makes sense for them.

Want to guide leads to the right offers with online quizzes that utilize their responses and bring you the perfect customers?

Marquiz is the answer.


Build a quiz in 15 minutes and publish on your site or through a short link with a customized opt-in form

Alternative to: Typeform, Jotform, and SurveyMonkey

Map results to users’ responses, and reveal them before or after the lead form, including product recommendations

Best for: Digital marketers and social media marketing teams who want to capture more qualified leads with quizzes

Marquiz lets you build an online quiz in just 15 minutes to capture qualified leads and recommend the right products or services.

Quizzes don’t have to be about Harry Potter characters to capture your audience’s attention and actually be useful. (Though, we all have a weakness for reaffirming our Hogwarts houses.)

With Marquiz, you can choose from 11 different types of quiz questions that help your audience understand their needs.

Use text answers, images, options, number ranges, emojis, and more to learn more about your audience while they learn more about themselves.

Choose from 11 different types of questions to create a quiz that helps your audience determine their needs.

Relevance is the key to effective marketing, and Marquiz gives you the tools to ensure your quiz adapts to visitor’s answers.

Use logic branching to ask relevant questions based on the user’s previous responses, so you’ll serve quiz questions that actually make sense to each person.

Beginning with the second question, you’ll have the option to show certain questions only if a specific criterion is met.

For instance, Question 2 might only appear to someone who answered “yes” on Question 1. (e.g., “Are you a human?”)

Set logic branching criteria to jump to specific questions based on previous answers.

Remember the good ol’ days when the doctor gave you a lollipop simply for not screaming? That’s the power of incentives! (Not to be confused with “bribes.”)

To boost quiz completion rates, you can use conversion triggers to add some rewards for those who finish.

Motivate users to take your quiz by adding ascending and descending discounts, free downloads, and other bonuses that are made available at the very end.

Then, activate a two-step contact form to capture their contact details before you send the incentive.

Incentivize users by adding discounts, free downloads, and other bonuses to the quiz.

The magic of quizzes is not in the questions, but the results! And Marquiz makes it easy to deliver custom results with offers tailored to user responses.

Assign a score to each answer so respondents receive results based on their score range.

You can deliver the quiz results before the contact form or after—your choice.

Plus, recommend products, add different call-to-action buttons, link to unique content, or even directly link to a product, depending on the user’s quiz result!

Assign scores to each answer and deliver personalized results to respondents based on their score range.

With tons of customization options, you can create a unique quiz that matches your brand’s style.

Customize your quiz in the quiz editor with ready-made templates and themes built for various niches, from legal services to children’s clothing.

Once the quiz looks good, you can install it on your site or create a simple landing page on Marquiz that links to your own domain.

Install your quiz directly on your site, provide a direct link, or create a landing page right on Marquiz with your own domain.

If BuzzFeed has taught us anything, it’s that everyone loves a good quiz. (Especially if that quiz tells you what type of bread you are. #pumpernickel4life)

Marquiz offers custom online quizzes with personalized results, so you can bring in more qualified leads and the right customers.

So get the business results you want.

Get lifetime access to Marquiz today!

P.S. Learn how to use Marquiz like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

NEW: No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you!

    • Plans and Features

    • Deal Terms
      • Lifetime access to Marquiz Standard Plan

      • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that's right for you

      • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase

      • All future Standard Plan updates

      • Ability to upgrade/downgrade between 5 license tiers

      • GDPR compliant

      • Only for new Marquiz users who do not have existing accounts

      • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

    • Features Included in All Plans
      • Unlimited questions

      • Unlimited quizzes

      • Twelve question types

      • Conversion rate optimization triggers (discounts & bonuses)

      • Full list of available integrations: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Tiki’s Tok Pixel, Webhooks, Zapier & more

      • Full list of customization options: fonts, button and text colors, quiz background, button styles, etc.

      • Quiz templates

      • Link a domain name to quizzes

      • Assign a domain name to quizzes

      • Setting up the contact form: collect emails, phone numbers, social networks id or messengers

      • Add quiz results based on users’ answers

      • Logic questions branching

      • Scoring logic

      • Grouping quizzes by project

    • License Tier 1

      One Time Purchase of

      • All features above included

      • 1,000 leads per month

      • White-labeling for $2/quiz

      • Disabling contact form included

    • Select More Codes
    • License Tier 2

      One Time Purchase of

      • All features above included

      • 3,000 leads per month

      • White-labeling for $2/quiz

      • Disabling contact form included

    • Select More Codes
    • License Tier 3

      One Time Purchase of

      • All features above included

      • 7,000 leads per month

      • White-labeling included

      • Disabling contact form included

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