Speed vs. quality in business – Plus exclusive Masterclass with Sam Parr

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    A recording of a masterclass with the founder of The Hustle

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    A recording of a live Masterclass with Sam Parr, originally presented on July 12, 2022 as a part of Sumo Day.

    Sam is the founder of The Hustle, one of America's fastest growing media companies that produces a 5-minute newsletter keeping 2M+ innovators in the loop.

    In this class, Sam teaches us how to “force function” – or create tight timelines to force yourself to act quickly on a business idea. Because the less time you have to meet a goal, the more productive you are.

    Some topics we’ll cover:

    • How to come up with viral content ideas to validate business worthiness
    • How to find the right audiences to present this content to
    • Real life examples from Sam’s personal business ventures such as the creation of Hustle Con in just 6 weeks and growing The Hustle to 200,000 daily active users in one year through blog posts.

    This class was hosted by Noah Kagan, founder and CEO of AppSumo.


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    Live event was free for all Sumo-lings, recording exclusive to Plus members
    Masterclass with Sam Parr
    Hosted by Noah Kagan
    Learn how to “force function"




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