Meeting Reminders

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    Forget about manually reminding attendees about your meetings, we will do it for you with a click

    Meeting Reminders revolutionizes how you manage your meetings.

    This intuitive Google Calendar add-on ensures no attendee is ever left behind by automating reminders for those who haven't shown up, saving you from the tedious task of manual follow-ups.


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    Meeting Reminders automates notifications for attendees, ensuring everyone is present and punctual
    Enhance engagement with customizable reminder tones and easy calendar integration for streamlined meeting management



    Enhance your meeting management with streamlined, automated reminders.

    Transform your meeting flow

    Discover a more efficient meeting flow with Meeting Reminders, designed to ensure punctuality and participation with minimal effort.

    • Automate attendee alerts to reduce no-shows.
    • Seamlessly integrate with your existing calendar systems.
    • Simplify meeting management with one-click functionality.
    Customize reminders to fit your style and streamline meeting setups with just a few clicks.

    Meeting Reminders enriches the attendee experience, making meetings more accessible and engaging.

    • Instant reminders keep everyone on track.
    • Customizable tones allow reminders to match your style.
    • Two-click setup offers ease of use right from your calendar.

    End the hassle of chasing down attendees and ensure your meetings start on time and run smoothly with Meeting Reminders.

    Transform your professional communication today.

    From the founders

    Meeting Reminders - Meeting perfection made simple

    Hello Sumo-lings!

    Today I am launching Meeting Reminders, a tool that I built to solve my own problem: when someone doesn't show up to a videocall, just nudge them typically works. And now I want to share with you!

    What will you find?

    🔒 Your privacy safeguarded

    We do NOT access your email or calendar, everything is handled through the Google add-on.

    🗣️ You can configure it all

    You can customize the reminder emails. You can set an pre-meeting reminder as well.

    2️⃣ 2-click action

    Click the event on your calendar, then click the reminder button.

    👨‍💻 Fully integrated with your calendar and email

    No need to install anything. We use your own email to send the reminders.

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