MeetMoji: AI-Powered Audience Engagement

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    Ditch the dead air and add AI-powered live polls to your presentations

    Break through the blank stares and black boxes and transform your one-way presentations into engaging conversations.

    MeetMoji works for any audience type -- whether they're online, in-person, or both.

    For work

    Maximize the value of your work-related meetings. Gather valuable input, feedback, and insights from your colleagues to make better more inclusive decisions.

    For education

    Enhance learning outcomes and engage every student in the classroom.


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    AI-generated live quizzes, ice-breakers, and polls that will supercharge audience engagement
    Access presentations that captivate and tap in to audiences that engage



    Enable everyone to participate in Live Polls, whether they’re in person, online, or both simultaneously.

    Sure, you might use polls in Teams, Zoom, and other platforms regularly, but participation can be limited when not everyone is online or logged into their devices individually.

    With MeetMoji, you can enable everyone to participate in your polls, whether they’re in person, online, or both simultaneously.

    There’s no app to download and no account needed to log in.

    Ensuring every voice is heard can be challenging, especially when brainstorming with both virtual and in-person audiences simultaneously.

    Now, with our Open-Ended Questions feature, you can effortlessly gather feedback or brainstorm ideas from everyone, making inclusive collaboration possible.

    Enjoy Open Ended Feedback that includes everyone in your conversation.


    → Embed word clouds and live polls directly into your presentations.

    → Turn your slides into an interactive session with live emojis.

    → Foster open and inclusive discussions with live, open-ended questions.

    → Benefit from AI-powered summaries for open feedback and word clouds.

    → Get AI-generated poll suggestions at

    Dynamic word clouds are one of the key features you'll also enjoy using.

    Fun, engaging, and visually appealing, real-time word clouds offer a fantastic way to gather audience feedback that’s both visible and readable directly on the screen.

    Now, incorporating them into your next presentation is easier than ever.

    What are you still waiting for?

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    We've built a Roadmap 🛣️ on our website to showcase highlights of our past progress and to give you a sneak peek at some exciting features we have planned. We would love to hear your input as well!

    Our team members come from diverse backgrounds in event planning, corporate training, education, and transforming countless presentations from boring 😴 to fun 🤩. If needed we're are happy to jump in and help you structure your presentation or come up with cool ideas to enhance your content.

    Have any questions 🙋‍♀️, ideas 💡, or feedback 🙉? Just send a note to me at

    Looking forward to supporting you 🚀!"

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