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    Put your customers in a critic's shoes before producing your new drop – use «Tinder-like» surveys

    This is an exclusive version of MetaSurvey only available to AppSumo Plus members. A survey software tool that's offering an additional 1500 responses and comments every month as well as branding removal.

    If you are not an AppSumo Plus member, you can join now and purchase this deal.

    Put your customers in a critic's shoes before producing your new drop – use «Tinder-like» surveys for that!

    How does MetaSurvey work:

    1. 🎰 Generate questions from your images (or add them manually).
    2. 🔗 Share your survey link with your customers on social media, email, or on site.
    3. 😍 Your customers swipe questions left(👎) or right(👍) and type valuable feedback.
    4. 🧐 You analyze the results and make a decision.
    5. Profit!


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    Put your customers in a critic's shoes before producing your new drop
    Use «Tinder-like» surveys to gain crucial customer insights and make better decisions



    A macbook with dashboard and iphone10 with survey opened

    MetaSurvey provides user-friendly question types (NPS, Ratings, Multiple, Comment).

    All surveys are well adapted for all devices.

    Get a high completion rate up to 80%+!

    Give rewards on a Welcome screen:

    • share a secret Promo code
    • redirect customers to a Special offer page
    • redirect customers to a Secret landing page
    • get hot sales
    6 iphones with main types of survey: swipe cards, multiple questions, likert, input field, nps

    Collect feedback and make your customers feel heard using 11 different question/survey types:

    Swipe Card

    Swipe questions left(👎) or right(👍) to answer. This question type usually results in the highest conversions!


    Discover your customers' satisfaction with NPS survey questions.

    Multiple Choice

    Know your audience's measurements (height, clothing, shoe size, etc.) with multiple choice type questions and answers.

    Likert Scale

    Discover your customers' opinions about checkout and shipment using the Likert scale.

    Open Answer

    Capture user email, phone, or any other information you want to collect by having them fill in the blank.

    ...and more!

    A screenshot of dashboard with list of surveys, colourful template cards

    The process to get started is extremely easy and quick.

    1. Create an engaging survey in 5 minutes or less
    2. Embed that survey on your site or send it out to your desired participants
    3. Get customer insights
    4. Improve your business!

    It's as easy as 1-2-3-4.

    A screenshot with survey builder, showing steps. the types of embed are showed with icons

    Take advantage of an easy-to-use, light, functional admin panel with templates to help you get started with your survey creation.

    With 11 different question types, you'll have a variety of options to work with and choose from.

    Our survey creation wizard makes the whole process super simple and fun from start to finish, coming with easy steps and changes that autosave along the way.

    A screenshot with analytics interface, showing colourful graphs, bars digits and other data

    Also included in this offer is an informative and clean analytics panel that comes with an export data function.

    This is critical to helping you see only the most pertinent data that you want to track at any given time.

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and so we give you all your analytics and information in clear, visual graphs, charts, and pictorial representations.

    What more are you waiting for?

    Get access to this MetaSurvey - Plus exclusive today!

    From the founders

    May 2024 Update 🎉

    Hey Sumo-Lings! 👋 I'm excited to continue shipping new features!

    In May, I released Survey Folders 🗂️

    Now you can easily organize your surveys with folders. Check out a quick screencast I recorded for you.

    Other improvements:

    • Redesigned dashboard to support folders
    • Templates now pop up when you click on the new Survey button
    • Added scroll-to-top button on Survey Edit and Analytics pages for easily navigation
    • Improved loading speed when working with surveys and folders on the Dashboard

    Enjoy exploring the new features!

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