Metatext AI - Classify and Extract Text

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    No-code tool to build specialized AI APIS to classify and extract

    Meet Metatext, your way to classify and extract text x10 better and easier.

    Metatext helps you to classify and extract information from text and documents with customized language models with your data and expertise.

    1. You don't need to be a machine learning or coder expert
    2. Create your first AI model with just one training data example
    3. Integrate it into 3rd party apps or your system by dedicated HTTP endpoints


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    Metatext offers iterative AI development studio with LLM-powered tools
    Create powerful customized NLP with little data thanks to an intuitive interface and API



    Build powerful custom NLP models like never before with Metatext.

    What's Possible:

    General purpose LLMs doesn't works well enough for domain-specific problems. Metatext enables you to fine-tune models in an easy way. Whether you need to classify complex customer emails, and extract key terms on legal contracts.

    Supported AI tasks now:

    Text Classification: Classify any text or document into categories.

    Text Extraction: Extract, normalize and structure key information from any text or document.

    Use cases:

    WIth a text classification AI you can do review analysis, feedback analysis, survey response analysis, voice of customer easily, chatbot intent detection, news classification, document classification, sentiment analysis, topic analysis, incoming email classification.

    WIth a text extraction AI you can analyze legal contract documents, normalize entry data, extract keywords from texts, entity recognition.

    You don't have to be a coder or an engineer to enjoy using Metatext daily.

    Thanks for our proprietary distillation method, you can create AI models with minimal data.

    And better: No Coding Required!

    Unlock your inner AI engineer with Metatext, even if you're not a developer.

    Create custom NLP models effortlessly and use them daily.

    From email classification to customer insights, improve and monitor your models over time and step into the world of AI engineering without coding.

    Evaluation, error analysis, and cloud deploy are just a few of the standout features that come standard with this deal.

    Why Choose Metatext:

    Starting with text classification tasks, our tailored NLP models are designed to outperform general-purpose models for task-specific use cases.

    The end result?

    Ensuring you get the best results for your unique needs.

    Unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency by streamlining your daily workflows with Metatext.

    We're dedicated to constant improvement and expanding AI tasks support.

    With engineers from Apple and Nubank behind the scenes, your AI journey is in the best hands.

    Start saving serious time (and money) with Metatext.

    Get access to Metatext today!

    From the founders

    Introducing New Features: Text Extraction, Comprehensive Model A

    Big news! We just rolled out some cool new features to make your experience even better:

    Text Extraction: Now, extracting data from texts, documents, and PDFs is seamless and straightforward.

    Train Models with Minimal Data: Starting with minimal data? Not an issue. Kick off with our few-shot model or simply add your raw data to fine-tune your model directly.

    Enhanced Project Onboarding: Jump into our platform with ease thanks to our streamlined onboarding process.

    Advanced Model Report Analysis: Gain deeper insights into your models with enhanced analysis capabilities. Understand predictions more clearly, identify correct and incorrect outcomes, and improve continuously for unbeatable performance.

    Educational Guides & Tutorials: Dive into our documentation page for comprehensive guides and tutorials that help you get the most out of our product:

    A huge thank you to everyone for your invaluable feedback and patience. We're excited for you to explore these updates and look forward to your thoughts. Your input is crucial to our ongoing innovation and improvement!

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