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    Create your own ChatGPT-like or rule-based chatbot and engage with your visitors in the best way.

    Feb 2024:

    You can add API keys and define webhooks specifically for a chatbot; hiding the organization name is also possible now. All of these features are available for Tier 3 starting today.

    Dec 2023:

    We added lots of customization options both for chatbot pages and popups.

    Nov 2023:

    We added OpenAI Assistant API support, which means you can create a GPT on the OpenAI platform and connect it to your chatbot.

    Nov 2023:

    Our rule-based chatbots have a logical jump feature, and this Pro-only feature is included in this deal.

    Nov 2023:

    Custom domains for chatbots, multiple PDFs as data sources for AI-powered chatbots, chatbot page localization, and more.

    Imagine having a chatbot that understands your company, products, and services, ready to tackle those repetitive questions you've answered countless times.

    That's the power of Mevo.

    The best part? You don't need to be a coding expert. Just click, edit, and publish – it's that simple.


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    Create AI-powered chatbots effortlessly
    Elevate customer support and engagement



    mevo is an easy-to-use chatbot builder that comes with rule-based and AI-powered options, lots of templates, and more.
    You can create rule-based chatbots for your needs, like collecting feedback, candidate screening, etc.

    With Mevo, you can build and publish a chatbot page, and integrate it as a popup to your landing page in minutes without any coding experience, thanks to its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

    Mevo offers a variety of features to make your information-collecting experience smoother, including engagement analytics, session replays, and the ability to export your data in CSV format.

    You can also customize your chatbot with your own branding and set initial and fallback messages for your bot to use in case of no response.

    You can train your AI-powered chatbot within our easy-to-use UI. Just teach your products and FAQs by clicking.

    Other than rule-based chatbots, Mevo allows you to create GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4* powered chatbots too.

    You can switch between language models supported by OpenAI, train your chatbot with the power of Mevo builder, and replay all conversations between your chatbot and your visitors, giving you greater insight into how your chatbot is performing.

    * GPT-4 is only available if you prefer to use your own API key.

    Customize your chatbot page layout, background style, color, or else. You can even add your custom CSS code to the page.

    Collaborate with team members, export data in CSV format, and access detailed engagement analytics. You'll receive email notifications for interactions and can watch session replays to assess your bot's performance.

    Decide if your bot should remember past conversation messages, teach it about your products and services, and integrate FAQs.

    Manage text length conduct live testing, and inject custom prompts when needed.

    Elevate your customer support and streamline information collection with Mevo, the no-code chatbot builder. Don't miss the chance to revolutionize your interactions and boost productivity.

    Start building your chatbot today and transform your customer engagement!

    Link your chatbots to your own domain name.

    Mevo's custom domain feature allows you to connect your chatbot to your domain names.

    This deal is included 1 custom domain limit for your chatbots.

    Mevo supports OpenAI's Assistant API

    Create a GPT for yourself on OpenAI and link it to Mevo. Let your GPT talk with your website visitors by using brand-new OpenAI models like "gpt-4-1106-preview" and others.

    You must use your own OpenAI key to use the Assistant API feature.

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