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    Churn out SEO-friendly, plagiarism-free content with powerful AI

    You’re no one-hit wonder, but it’s tough to create fresh copy every week without running out of ideas. (“I’ve written this story from every angle—except backwards...”)

    And because content plays a vital role in your marketing, you can’t afford to take a break every time you get writer’s block, or outsource your workload to new talent.

    If only there was a tool that helped you generate and optimize high-quality content faster, without exhausting all your creative energy.

    Introducing Mieux.ai.


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    Generate long-form blog posts, Google ads, and Facebook ads with the help of AI-powered tools
    Grade content against your competitors, discover trending topics, and track competitors' keywords



    Mieux.ai is a content generation and optimization tool that allows you to create SEO-friendly, plagiarism-free content in minutes.

    Mieux.ai allows you to automatically generate high-quality, long-form blog posts with no word limits using the power of AI.

    Because you can produce effective long-form content in a fraction of the time, you’ll be able to better control your SERP rankings.

    Plus, you can stop worrying about plagiarism or search engine optimization because all blog posts are SEO-friendly and completely unique!

    Long-form content

    Use AI to help generate the headline, introduction, and copy for long-form blog content.

    After generating your long-form blog posts, Mieux.ai also lets you grade your content, so you’ll know how well it will perform in the SERPs.

    Get a content grade ranging from A to F based on the keywords and topics most often used in similar content.

    This tool even gives you topic and keyword suggestions for how to improve your content grade, allowing you to boost your search engine ranking with minimal effort.

    Content generation

    Grade your content as you generate it to improve your SEO ranking.

    Best of all, Mieux.ai has a keyword research tool embedded in the platform, so you don’t need to use other tools to keep tabs on your keywords!

    You’ll be able to research keywords to see competition, competition index, and search volume for keywords and phrases you’d like to rank for.

    Discover trending topics and keywords that offer great opportunities for you to rank higher on the SERPs.

    You can even compare multiple keywords at once to understand how their performance has changed over time, letting you make smarter decisions about which keywords to target.

    Keyword research

    Do all your blog post keyword research with the same tool you use to generate content.

    In addition to long-form blog posts, you can also create Facebook, Google, and Amazon ads that are optimized for conversions.

    Use the AIDA model to generate different types of digital marketing content and public relations campaigns.

    And with the PAS formula, you’ll even be able to write emails, sales pitches, and product pitches in a way that’s proven to appeal to your target audience.

    Mieux.ai dashboard

    Generate conversion-focused Facebook, Google, and Amazon ads on the user-friendly dashboard!

    All-nighters and caffeine may have fueled you in college, but you need a better solution to help you churn out content for your business.

    Mieux.ai generates amazing long-form, blog, and ad content for you, so you can execute your content creation strategy on autopilot.

    Scale up your content in a snap.

    Get lifetime access to Mieux.ai today!

    From the founders

    Welcome from Mieux.ai 👋

    Hello Sumo-lings,

    We are Mieux.ai (which means better in french 🥐) are proud to launch our product, which is a Ai writing assistant.
    Not another writing tool! Seriously, we are not just another writing tool but a far better AI writing application that will help you write SEO optimized content.What's so special about Mieux.ai:thinking_face:


    :white_check_mark:  In-built keyword and topics research
    :white_check_mark:  AI grading that lets you know if your content will rank or tank on SERP
    :white_check_mark:  Templates that are useful! Seriously no songwriter or write a book for me features (it's not what you'll like to spend your money on right?)
    :white_check_mark:  Long form content writer
    :white_check_mark:  Keyword Insertion - simply paraphrasing on steroids
    :white_check_mark:  Super duper user friendly interface (Grandma can start her own blogging site with help of Mieux)
    :white_check_mark:  Totally affordable, especially with the AppSumo lifetime deal, it's a lifetime full of containment and satisfaction
    :white_check_mark:  GPT3 who? Our AI beast is trained on 180 billion parameters (5 BILLION PARAMETERS MORE)  :man-lifting-weights: which makes the output quality phenomenally A-M-A-Z-I-N-G VISIT: https://mieux.ai:fire:Mieux.ai:fire: is best for:Content writers - Get rid of writer's block and write more efficiently and fasterDigital marketers - Need to publish a last minute blog? Mieux to the rescue :sunglasses:Content agencies - With higher volumes comes higher cost and deadly deadlines but with mieux you can beat it out by generating content at lightning speedStart-up's - It has just been a couple of months of starting a business and you want to boost your content marketing channels? One man Army? Mieux got your back!
    • ...Basically everyone who has a need of content for marketing, business or personal use has got it covered by Mieux.ai
    We are looking forward to welcome some of the amazing Sumo-lings to a better AI writer called as Mee-you-x

    Thank you from the entire team!
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