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    Most day jobs suck. Working for yourself would be the dream, but it’s not like you can start a profitable business in a single weekend, right?

    Noah Kagan is living proof that you can—he’s successfully launched seven businesses now worth over $1 million! (And you thought Saturdays were just for overpriced brunch.)

    Want to get your hands on the same step-by-step blueprint that Chief Sumo uses to turn 48 hours into a lifetime of financial freedom?

    Dive into Noah Kagan’s exciting new book, Million Dollar Weekend.



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    Get unstuck, take action, and build the entrepreneurial life you’ve always wanted
    Learn battle-tested strategies to build a million-dollar business in one weekend



    Million Dollar Weekend is a guide by serial entrepreneur and AppSumo CEO Noah Kagan on how to create your own million-dollar business in 48 hours.

    Now is the best time to become an entrepreneur—and Million Dollar Weekend is the key to dominating your niche right out the gate.

    Having interviewed hundreds of millionaires and personally coached thousands of entrepreneurs, Noah has created a simple formula anyone can follow.

    First, you’ll discover your creator’s courage to overcome your fear of getting started and actually have fun with the process.

    After you’ve kicked things off, Noah will teach you how to validate your idea and reel in paying customers—without using your marketing budget.

    Once you learn how to go from $0 to $1 and gain your first customer, the momentum just keeps building.

    From there, you’ll figure out exactly how to automate your business and keep making money while you sleep.

    Million Dollar Weekend guides you every step of the way, with tons of real emails, scripts, and conversations featuring Noah himself.

    By Monday, you’ll officially be an entrepreneur with a market-tested business that’s on the road to making seven figures!

    Million Dollar Weekend is packed with useful lessons every entrepreneur should know.

    You’ll learn how to master a customer-first approach to generate the kind of business ideas people want to buy into.

    Million Dollar Weekend will also help you calculate your “freedom number” to safeguard yourself. (Because starting a business is, well, risky business.)

    Plus, Noah reveals how he runs his $80M+ business (yours truly: AppSumo), YouTube channel, and blog—all while traveling, working from anywhere, and living his best life.

    Launching your own seven-figure business in 48 hours isn’t complicated with this cheat code in your back pocket.

    Noah Kagan’s Million Dollar Weekend reveals his step-by-step blueprint to help you unlock the financial freedom you deserve.

    Get access to Million Dollar Weekend today!*

    *Due to Amazon restrictions, AppSumo is only able to guarantee delivery of both the hardcover copy and Kindle version to customers in the United States.

    From the founders

    A message from Chief Sumo!


    Been working on this book for over three years and I’m SO EXCITED to share it with y’all.

    Ready to launch a business that lets you quit your job and live the life of your dreams?

    I’ve started seven million-dollar businesses, coached thousands of entrepreneurs, and literally knocked on millionaires’ front doors to learn their secrets.

    There are business opportunities everywhere and I PROMISE you don’t need to be a genius to make the most of them.

    No fancy gimmicks, no “buy this next course to learn more.” Just one simple three-stage formula that I’ve perfected over the past two decades.

    I’ll show you how to overcome your limits, smash fear, become a business idea machine, and validate that your idea’s a moneymaker—without having to spend a single cent.

    Give me 48 hours and you’ll go from wantrepreneur to successful entrepreneur. LFG.

    Be Epic,


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