Million Dollar Weekend: The Journal

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    Bring your business ideas to life in this workbook companion to Noah’s new book

    Noah Kagan's best-selling book Million Dollar Weekend is the ultimate guide to building a 7-figure business in 48 hours. (Who says weekends were just for spending money?)

    But your Million Dollar Weekend experience isn't complete until you actually take action as entrepreneur and bring your ideas to life.

    Designed to accompany the lessons in Noah's book, we've created a workbook that helps you put pen to paper as you build your dream business.

    Meet Million Dollar Weekend: The Journal.


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    Uncover your next big business idea with guided exercises accompanying Million Dollar Weekend
    Take a step-by-step approach to evaluating the market and profitability



    Million Dollar Weekend: The Journal is an AppSumo-exclusive bonus workbook to supplement Noah Kagan’s guide to launching a seven-figure business.

    Unlock the companion to Million Dollar Weekend that helps you turn learnings into action.

    This downloadable and printable journal goes hand-in-hand with the lessons from Million Dollar Weekend.

    You'll complete exercises that boost your brain into generating million-dollar ideas, making "aha" moments a breeze.

    But it's not just about finding an idea—it's about making it viable.

    That's why the workbook includes sections on market research, profitability analysis, and developing your unique angle.

    workbook page on finding ideas

    Once you've validated your golden idea, the journal helps you work through everything from identifying your ideal customer to creating a marketing strategy that sings.

    Challenges in the journal help gamify your business-building experience, making the journey both rewarding and fun.

    You'll stay accountable through exercises like the Law of 100 Tracker and ensure you're making progress toward launching your business.

    workbook page on finding customers

    As you read through Million Dollar Weekend, you'll be buzzing with ideas on how to start your 7-figure business.

    Million Dollar Weekend: The Journal is your handy-dandy workbook for mapping out your business ideas, plans, viability, and more.

    Get free access to Million Dollar Weekend: The Journal today!


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