Million Dollar Weekend: The Lost Chapter

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    Unlock growth strategies inside the secret chapter of Noah Kagan’s new book

    Starting a successful business isn’t for the faint of heart—but you, bold Sumo-ling, have an expert on your side. (Hint: loves tacos, hates software subscriptions.)

    That’s right. Noah Kagan has launched multiple seven-figure businesses and his new book, Million Dollar Weekend, is the ultimate guide on how you can do the same in one weekend.

    Before the book launches in January 2024, we’re giving you a first look at a lost chapter featuring growth strategies on everything from repeat customers to new revenue sources.

    Check out Million Dollar Weekend: The Lost Chapter.


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    Gain four new strategies to pour rocket fuel into your company’s growth
    Learn secrets to maximizing your revenue from AppSumo founder, Noah Kagan



    Million Dollar Weekend: The Lost Chapter is an AppSumo-exclusive bonus chapter to Noah Kagan’s guide to launching a seven-figure business.

    Originally written for Million Dollar Weekend but cut from the final draft, this lost chapter reveals Noah’s four strategies to supercharge your company’s growth—and you won’t find it anywhere else!

    Noah will walk you through the perks of creating recurring revenue, but also explain why this model isn’t for everyone.

    Each strategy comes loaded with case studies and examples, like the story of how Justin Welsh created complementary products to generate $340,000 in under three years.

    The Lost Chapter even peels back the curtain behind AppSumo, including experiments Noah conducted to optimize pricing and why he personally wrote to every AppSumo customer.

    This bonus chapter is just a preview of what’s to come in Noah’s new book, Million Dollar Weekend.

    The knowledge-packed full edition will teach you how to find the courage to start your business, get customers excited to give you money, automate your business, and so much more.

    Million Dollar Weekend is in stores everywhere on January 30, 2024. Pre-order your copy here and check out this bonus chapter right now!

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    From the founders

    Howdy, Sumo-lings!

    Howdy, Sumo-lings! Noah here.

    As I was putting together my new book Million Dollar Weekend (coming January 2024), I wrote a "lost chapter" that isn’t in the final copy

    The few I've shared it with print it out and keep it as part of their playbooks.

    This chapter is not on Amazon or anywhere else but AppSumo.

    Wanted to share it with you now for FREE because I ❤️ our awesome community.

    I’ve personally used these 4 strategies to drive 8-figure growth at AppSumo. 

    Think they’ll help you, too.

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