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    AI music generator. text, images, and audio to music in seconds

    Finding the perfect music for your content has always been challenging, but what if AI could streamline this process to be effortless and quick?

    Introducing MixAudio, awarded in CES 2023 & GDA 2024, a Multimodal AI music generator – your fast and easy solution for music creation. Input your ideas through text, images, and audio to instantly receive four tailored tracks in seconds!


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    Generate and customize high-quality background music with AI
    Blend ideas into music effortlessly, regardless of your musical expertise or creative challenges



    Multimodal (Text, Image, and reference audio) input to generate 4 tracks.

    All music tracks produced are royalty-free, allowing unrestricted use across any platform you desire. This is ideal for all content creators, including YouTubers, podcasters, game developers, and your collection.

    Multimodal AI

    • MixAudio's rapid music generation is powered by a sound Sample-based Retrieval-Augmented Generation engine. This engine enables users to input ideas through text, images, and audio—singly or in combination—for instant, custom tracks.
    • The effectiveness of this process hinges on the detail of your input—the Prompt Genius feature aids in articulating musical preferences or exploring genres, moods, and themes.
    • This approach guarantees a fast, precise match to your creative vision, offering unparalleled flexibility in music creation.
    Customize the structure (length & instruments) of the generated track.

    Looking to tailor the music more closely to your objectives or tastes? Absolutely! You can customize the length and sequence of the music and change the mix of instrument sounds to craft your personalized track.


    • MixAudio allows for extensive customization of generated music, offering six types of instrument selections for modification—Rhythm, Bass, Melody, Mid-range, High-range, and Effect—to tailor the music's composition and sequence.
    • You can adjust the track's length and fine-tune the instrument configuration, including turning specific instruments on or off.
    • Advanced editing features enable detailed customization, such as replacing stems or adjusting music sections for precise arrangement. These capabilities ensure the music can be molded precisely to your preferences, enriching the creative process.
    Remix original artist tracks with creative inputs.

    Moreover, the AI can remix music from artists provided by MixAudio or even create a 24/7 radio station tailored to your multimodal inputs, effortlessly merging creativity and technology to enhance your musical journey.

    AI Remix

    • MixAudio's AI Remix feature offers a wide range of original tracks, including diverse artists and K-pop stars, with an ongoing update of new talents.
    • These tracks can also be remixed using multimodal input (prompts, images, and audio references), and the resulting remixes are free from copyright concerns. Professional subscribers can download the remix track.
    Personalized music streaming with mood customization and download option.

    AI Radio

    • AI Radio streams music tailored to your inputs and mood preferences 24/7 and allows you to interact with your created streams.
    • With features like genre and mood presets for quick selection and a mood changer for atmosphere adjustment, you can fine-tune your listening experience.
    • Additionally, it offers the flexibility to download parts of the music you enjoy, ensuring that favorite moments can be saved and revisited anytime.

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    From the founders

    MixAudio: We, the creators, can express musical imagination

    🎵 From the Founders: Meet the Team Behind MixAudio! 🎵

    Hello Sumo-lings!

    We are thrilled to introduce ourselves and share our journey with you. We are the founders of Neutune, an AI music technology startup. Our story began in graduate school, where a group of passionate researchers, including myself, Andrew Wi(CSO), came together after completing our PhDs to create something extraordinary. In 2020, we officially launched Neutune, driven by our mission to revolutionize music creation and personalization through AI.

    🎶 About Neutune and MixAudio 🎶

    Our team boasts an impressive track record, having published over 30 papers in prestigious music technology conferences like ISMIR. Our diverse expertise spans researchers, engineers, music producers, media artists, and data analysts. Together, we’ve built a unique service and content ecosystem that encompasses the entire value chain of music production, distribution, and platform services. Our flagship product, MixAudio, is the first step in this exciting journey.

    🚀 Why We Built MixAudio 🚀

    MixAudio was born from our passion for making music creation accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere. Unlike other AI music generators that rely on raw audio generation, our engine is a lightweight, highly scalable solution based on sample combination. This allows us to generate four songs in just two seconds, with easy customization of instruments and structure to suit various contexts and environments.

    🌟 What Makes MixAudio Special 🌟

    Our product stands out for its rapid generation speed and customizable editing features, making it particularly beneficial for content creators, game developers, and designers who need efficient and tailored music solutions. All sound samples used in MixAudio are owned by Neutune, ensuring you can use our music freely without any copyright concerns. For more details, check out our FAQ: MixAudio FAQ(https://mixaudio.notion.site/About-FAQ-4f4ac8c9fc1a4949bcf9b8e723568d61).

    🌍 Global Reach 🌍

    MixAudio supports users worldwide, ensuring everyone can benefit from our innovative AI-driven music solutions.

    📅 Our Future Roadmap 📅

    We are constantly updating our engine and developing a business model that supports collaboration with various artists and producers. Upcoming features include voice-based lyrics and instrument customization, environmental sound integration, and more. Additionally, we are working on an API to integrate our engine into other media (mobile, automotive, gaming, IoT) and aim to create an adaptive music streaming service requiring no user input.

    Stay tuned for exciting updates and join us on this musical journey!

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