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    Meet My Digital CMO, the ultimate marketing strategy planning tool crafted for business founders, entrepreneurs, and agencies looking to elevate their marketing game.

    My Digital CMO goes beyond simple tactics, focusing on strategic planning to turn your vision into reality. This all-in-one platform helps you visualize objectives, build customer personas, and plan your marketing funnel with ease. It's designed to foster collaboration and streamline your marketing activities, ensuring your team works efficiently and effectively.

    Effortlessly organize multiple businesses in a single hub with our multi-business management feature. My Digital CMO is globally versatile, supporting 9 languages including German, French, Korean, and Spanish, making it an excellent choice for international teams.

    User-friendliness is at the heart of My Digital CMO. It transforms your marketing strategy into a systematic, manageable process that drives results. More than just a tool, it’s your strategic partner in empowering your brand and achieving your marketing goals.

    Plan strategically, execute tactically, and watch your business thrive with My Digital CMO.


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    Visually Plan your Marketing Activities (Tactics)

    As a marketing professional, you understand the critical role of strategic planning in transforming marketing activities into measurable results. At MDC, we focus intensively on ensuring our strategic planning drives success.

    One standout feature we offer is the Marketing Mix Kanban Board, designed to help you map, track, and manage all your marketing efforts across the marketing funnel. This tool provides a clear, real-time snapshot of your activities, ensuring you stay on top of every detail.

    Whether you're diving into content marketing, engaging on social media, or crafting email marketing strategies, the Kanban board allows you to visually organize your marketing activities, spot any gaps, and guarantee that all your marketing efforts are aligned with your overarching goals. But we don't stop there!

    We also specialize in defining your brand vision, crafting detailed customer personas, and mastering product positioning. These features ensure that every aspect of your marketing strategy is cohesive, targeted, and impactful. Dive into MDC's comprehensive approach and watch your marketing initiatives soar!


    After nailing down your marketing strategy, the next big step is bringing it to life. That means diving into tasks like creating killer content, delegating responsibilities, keeping an eye on progress, and evaluating the results.

    First up, we have Action Items (Tasks): This gem lets you assign and create strategic marketing tasks tailored to your team's strengths. By strategically delegating, everyone’s working in their sweet spot, ramping up productivity and supercharging your marketing efforts.

    Next is the Marketing Calendar (picured above): It's your go-to for tracking all marketing activities, deadlines, and upcoming events. With a crystal-clear view of your schedule, you can manage your time like a pro and make sure no task slips through the cracks.

    And don't forget the AI Content Generator: This powerhouse helps you whip up high-quality, captivating content utilizing data from your strategy. By tapping into the preferences and needs of your audience, it crafts content that not only resonates but also boosts engagement and drives conversions.

    Evaluate, refine and continue.

    The next crucial phase is evaluation, a vital step to determine if your strategy effectively reaches your aspirational goals, SMART objectives, and desired KPIs. This stage offers insight into your performance and provides an opportunity for strategy refinement.

    Evaluation and refinement are continuous processes, helping you identify strengths and weaknesses. This enables you to optimize strategies and make necessary adjustments for better results. Without proper evaluation, you risk investing in ineffective strategies, wasting valuable resources.

    MDC facilitates systematic monitoring of your progress towards goals and objectives, quantifying your performance and clearly showing where you stand.

    Evaluation isn't just about measuring success or failure; it's about learning, adapting, and improving. It's what keeps your marketing strategy dynamic, effective, and relevant in an ever-changing market.

    Built for Flexibility

    Discover the unparalleled flexibility of MDC, crafted with invaluable customer feedback and available in 14 languages: Arabic, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. Tailor every element of your marketing funnels to match the unique needs of your businesses. From setting up and assigning teams to managing multiple businesses and creating reusable templates, MDC supports your vision at every step.

    On our Team plan, you have even more control—customize your domain, design headers with your brand's colors and logos, and make your portal an authentic extension of your brand. This level of adaptability ensures that your marketing strategies are perfectly aligned with your business model, delivering a cohesive and effective approach. Embrace MDC's power of customization and create a marketing funnel that truly embodies your business goals and vision.

    Above: Use the Link and Document Libraries to add relevant references throughout your strategy.

    Once your core strategy is in place, it’s time to dive into the additional tools provided by MDC that can supercharge your marketing game. Picture this: not only can you track your progress, but you can also perform in-depth SWOT analysis, access link and document libraries, and export your strategy, campaigns, and plans to PDF.

    The SWOT analysis feature in MDC lets you dissect your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats with surgical precision. This nuanced understanding aids in crafting strategies that are not just effective, but also resilient and adaptable.

    Next, imagine having links and documents right at your fingertips. The link and document libraries ensure that your essential resources are organized and easily accessible. Whether it’s market research, competitive analysis, or past marketing campaigns, everything you need is just a click away, streamlining your workflow and saving you precious time.

    So, evaluation and refinement become more than just routine tasks—they evolve into strategic, informed processes. With these additional tools, you’re not just monitoring; you’re mastering the art of continuous improvement. This keeps your marketing strategy vibrant, effective, and always a step ahead in the ever-shifting market landscape.

    From the founders

    Updates to share with you this June at My Digital CMO (MDC)! 🚀

    Hi Sumolings! 🎉

    MDC is constantly evolving to serve you better. Here’s a quick rundown for the latest features and enhancements implemented in June:

    Design: We’ve spruced up our design to make navigation smoother and more intuitive. A cohesive style not only looks good but also boosts your productivity by making it easier to find and use your favorite features.

    New Language Options: MDC now supports Arabic, Japanese, and Russian! This update makes our platform more accessible for our diverse user base. Switch languages easily via Master Settings > Language.

    Introducing Master Statuses: Customize your workflow with our new Master Statuses feature. Tailor action statuses to fit your unique business processes by navigating to Master Settings > Marketing Setup.

    More Google Metrics to track: For G4 integration users, we’ve added new metrics to track against your KPIs, providing deeper insights into your marketing strategies. Check out our help file for detailed setup instructions.

    We’re also excited for some new features being suggested on our roadmap, inspired by your feedback: Training a brand voice for AI content creation, time tracking against actions, and adding budgeting capabilities. Be sure to vote for your top picks!

    Stay tuned for more updates, and happy marketing!


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