My Website is Online

    One-time payment. Lifetime deal.

    Uptime monitoring service for web artisans: what matters most is a reliable website.

    My Website is Online: Uptime Mastery for Web Artisans.

    5 domains included with the offer.

    ⚠️ Card-on-file required to allow people to add more domains. Payments are processed by Stripe, nothing on our server.

    🔧 Limitless Monitoring: Set unlimited monitors per domain, each with custom intervals.

    🚨 Instant Alerts:

    • HTTP(s) & text matching
    • TCP port
    • Ping & DNS scans

    📱 Immediate SMS Alerts: Ensure you're always in the loop. [Buy credits to activate.]

    🔍 Deep Observations:

    • Track Response times (TTFB)
    • Watch SSL certificate expiration
    • Monitor DNS changes

    📤 Multiple Notification Avenues:

    • Send to many email recipients
    • Slack channel notifications

    🌐 Google Web Risk: Continuous site safety scanning.

    🖼️ Status Pages for All: Inform users in real-time.

    🎨 White-Label Branding: Stamp with your logo for a unique touch.

    🚀 On the Horizon:

    • Zapier
    • Detailed Reports
    • Backup Monitoring


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    Dark theme.
    Unlimited monitors.
    2FA authentication.
    Buy SMS credits.
    Status pages.

    From the founders

    Status Update - Feb. 2024

    Hey Sumo-lings!

    My Website Online has listened to your requests and has updated the offer to 5 free domains LTD (websites), but unlimited monitors per website.

    Sumo-lings can now check 100 pages or 1,000 pages of a single website (Cannot add more than 5 domains.)

    Upon request to My Website Online's support team, they can add more domains to an AppSumo user that has bought the deal before January 21st, 2024.

    My Website Online has made sure to keep all existing domains in all AppSumo accounts for free, even those who had 200. We only request 1.80$US per extra domain per month.

    Users who bought before January 24th still get unlimited domains and unlimited monitors for free. You will just need to contact us to upgrade the limit. They will never have to pay for extra domains.

    Please reach out to Support for further questions.

    Thank you!

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