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    Create, translate, and publish web content on any platform with this dynamic CM

    Creating content for your website shouldn’t feel like the setup to a strange superhero movie. (“I’m putting together a team of extraordinary plugins…”)

    And because you’ve got different tools for SEO blog writing, FAQs, and other documentation, all those monthly fees are piling up.

    Imagine if you could use one dynamic platform to write and publish your online content across the internet?

    Meet Notice.


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    Publish your content anywhere, including WordPress and Shopify, and translate it into 100+ languages
    Use templates and AI assistance to write FAQs, blog posts, terms of use, privacy policies, and more



    Notice is an AI-powered content editor that lets you publish written content anywhere, including WordPress and Shopify.

    With Notice, you can jumpstart your content creation with templates for FAQs, blog posts, terms of use, privacy policies, and more.

    Rather start from scratch? It's easy to use content blocks to add images, videos, scripts, and lists—just like you would in Notion.

    You'll even be able to use the AI block to generate content with any prompt, so you can conquer writer's block once and for all!

    Block editor

    Glide through the writing process with the no-code editor and integrated AI.

    Notice lets you publish your content anywhere, including your subdomain, landing page, apps, or anywhere on your website.

    You'll be able to take advantage of plugins to instantly integrate with your WordPress, Shopify, or other compatible platforms.

    Don’t have a website? You can host your content on the platform and share it with the world using a simple link or QR code.


    Integrate with loads of platforms, including WordPress, Webflow, and Shopify.

    Best of all, Notice lets you translate content to over 100 languages, including French, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese, so you can reach a global audience.

    With a simple dropdown, users can choose any available translation to read your content in their own language.

    Plus, you’ll be able to tweak translations until your content is accurate and flows naturally in different languages.


    Connect with a global audience by translating your content into 100+ languages.

    With Notice, you'll also get data on user behavior right from the analytics dashboard, including sources, devices, and other key metrics.

    Track highly-searched keywords to spot topic gaps in your content, so you’ll know exactly what topics people want to consume.

    And since all of this data is collected without any cookies, you'll never have to worry about cookie compliance.


    Use the analytics dashboard to track user behavior and highly-searched keywords.

    Much like a crowded kitchen counter, toggling between random content tools isn’t helping you get more done.(“Welcome to my tool graveyard—I mean creative process.”

    Luckily, Notice gives you everything you need to write, translate, and share your content anywhere on the internet, including WordPress and Shopify.

    Publish your written content anywhere.

    Get lifetime access to Notice today!

    From the founders

    First post from Founder

    👋 Hey dear Sumo-lings,

    Here is Quentin, founder of Notice - the one single place to create, manage and translate your content with AI assistance.

    It all started after I was struggling to manage content at my old job. By realizing it's a common problem for entrepreneurs and companies - I took action and started Notice. No more scattered content across multiple platforms. I wanted a solution to streamline the process, giving teams more time to focus on what really matters: creating amazing content. So Notice was born - create in one place and share it everywhere with our multiple integrations and plugins such as WordPress and Shopify.

    🎈Take the weight off your shoulders

    Notice brings you a streamlined solution that saves you both time and cash. Embrace smarter content with us.

    💛 Why this is the must-have tool

    Centralize all your content in one easy-to-use tool and deliver structured content fast. Create, edit, update, translate and generate with AI. It is efficient, streamlined, and synced everywhere. Let us help you make content creation a breeze.

    💡 Smart moves always get Noticed

    🖊 All-in-one no-code editor

    🌍 Auto translation in 100+ languages

    🤖 Create with Notice AI assistant

    🚀 Deploy everywhere in one click

    💡 Get valuable insights with the analytics dashboard

    📄 Go fast with our templates

    🧑‍🍳 Open API for maximum flexibility

    🧱 We want to revolutionize the content management game, and this is being possible with our tight-knit and passionate team of stars. We are thrilled with all the blocks we put together since last year, and still, there is so much more to come - check our roadmap and build the next steps with us.

    Any questions or feedback? Hit us up. And if you love what we're doing, leave us a review and make our day 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮

    With love,

    Quentin Chantelot and the whole Notice Team

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