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    Nudgify increases your conversion rate by making real activity (like recent sales) visible

    Increase your sales and sign-ups with social proof and FOMO notifications powered by real-time data.

    Most websites struggle to turn visitors into customers -- and that means the majority of your marketing budget gets wasted.

    Showing how popular you are with social proof and FOMO notifications helps to build trust and urgency in a natural way.

    Nudgify is more than a simple social proof or FOMO app though.

    With this product, you can choose from a library of powerful notifications, and each one turns real-time data into a powerful purchase trigger.

    You can even create your own notifications to improve user experience (UX) on problem pages.

    Nudgify gives you control of your Nudges' timings, appearance, and sequences.

    It works in 30+ languages and integrates with hundreds of apps to show different types of activity.

    This versatility makes Nudgify a customer-friendly option, improving both conversions and customer experiences.

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    Choose from a library of social proof, FOMO, and urgency notifications
    Control the look, order, and timing of your Nudges
    Combine Nudgify with hundreds of different apps to show customer activity



    The Nudge Library allows you to choose from a range of social proof, FOMO, urgency, and friction Nudges -- and you can filter the selection according to your industry and adjust the messages to suit your website
    Custom Nudges let you add UX notifications to problem pages or highlight details that your visitors might otherwise miss -- plus you can upload your own images and create links to other pages
    Review Nudges connect to your Trustpilot, Capterra, or Google Business account, showing your most recent reviews and ratings
    Advanced settings allow you to customize the appearance, behavior, and language that your Nudges appear in
    Your statistics dashboard shows you exactly how your Nudges are performing

    From the founders

    November 02, 2020

    Hello there, Sumo-lings! 🦋

    My name is Philippe - I’m the CEO and co-founder of Nudgify. We’re delighted to make our app available on a lifetime basis because we believe it does something amazing - it turns your website into a living, breathing business...

    Here’s how it works: Nudgify collects real visitor activity and converts it into notifications. That means things that are usually hidden (like who else is looking at a special offer, or when an item will sell out) become visible. The world’s biggest websites have been using similar notifications for years because they have a remarkable effect on user behaviour.

    Showing your visitors that a product is popular makes them want to buy it. The effect is called Social Proof, and it’s an easy way to increase conversions without ruining your customer experience. Nudgify also shows when a product is selling out, triggering instant FOMO. Together with a library of other notifications, Social Proof and FOMO Nudges help you get more sales/sign-ups the natural way.

    We’ve designed Nudgify to be the Social Proof app your customers would want you to choose, with features built specifically to improve their customer experience. For example:

    ∙ The Nudge Library contains a variety of Social Proof, FOMO, Urgency and Friction Nudges, so your customers don’t see the same old messages again and again.

    ∙ Custom Nudges allow you to create your own UX notifications. You can tell your brand’s story, share important updates or help users fill in a complicated form – all without touching any code.

    ∙ Advanced Settings/Streams let you customise the order, timing and appearance of your Nudges. That way, they blend into your website and don’t interrupt your visitor’s browsing session.

    ∙ 20+ Languages let you engage your customers anywhere in the world.

    ∙ 100s of Integrations mean you can capture and display the activity your visitors care about.

    … there’s just one more thing - I have a special request for the AppSumo community...

    My team is gathering suggestions for new features to add to Nudgify - and we have created a request board especially for Sumo-ling suggestions! If you have 30 seconds to spare, we would be so grateful to hear your ideas.


    If you have any questions about our app, it’s features or the integrations you can use, please feel free to reach out to our 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️ team at Or, if you prefer, you can always use our live support chat.

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