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    The fast, easy, and secure way to collect documents from clients

    Problem: Chasing clients for missing documents

    Gathering client information may seem simple, but it often becomes time-consuming. Chasing down clients and collecting documents you need is like pulling teeth.

    Solution: Automated document collection

    OkaySend simplifies the process of collecting documents and files from clients with itemized checklists and automatic follow-ups.

    No need to make client portal accounts or new Dropbox folders every time you need some information from a client.

    Automate your document collection to speed up your workflows and eliminate the back-and-forth emails.

    Collecting documents made easy. Automate away with OkaySend! 👌


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    Collect documents 80% faster
    Spend 70% less time gathering info



    Drag and drop with ease: Creating requests is simple, fast, and easy.

    Set up client portals in no time.

    Drag, drop, and edit with our no-code editor.

    Collect any type of data from simple text to large files.

    Easily request just about anything, in minutes.

    Features: How does it work?

    1. Create an upload request in seconds.
    2. Share the secure link with your clients.
    3. Send automatic reminders.
    4. Approve responses or ask to redo.
    5. Download or export in one neat package.
    6. Comment or answer questions.
    7. Integrate with 5000+ apps using Zapier and more.
    8. Personalize the look and feel of your client portals to reflect your brand.
    9. Invite team members.
    10. Collect via secure client portals that auto-save without login.
    Share the link with your clients: Secure and simple client portals for collecting documents.

    Offer a seamless experience to your clients with private forms that don't require login. OkaySend sends clients unguessable links for immediate access.

    Your clients don't have to complete forms in one go either. Responses are saved automatically, allowing them to pick up where they left off when they return.

    Personalize your client portals to reflect your branding. Moreover, client portals are responsive and look perfect on any device allowing clients to fill out forms and upload documents from their phones.

    Document collection on autopilot: Automatic reminders ensure you get your documents on time.

    Keep your requests top-of-mind with automatic reminders.

    We'll chase your clients for you.

    Craft the perfect personalized reminders with proven templates. Use a request's data to personalize emails with your client's name, a checklist outline, the request's title, due date, and more.

    Set appropriate schedules for us to follow and then sit back as we continue to remind your clients to upload any remaining documents.

    Never chase your clients for documents again!

    Item-level rejection: Approve documents as they arrive—ask to redo and reject the ones that require changes.

    Quickly approve or reject items within the larger document to notify clients when they've provided incorrect information.

    Easily provide feedback as if you were looking over your client’s shoulder.

    Approve, or reject incorrect documents and ask for redos and modifications when unsatisfied.

    Comment, leave notes, or provide clarifications on forms without ever losing context.

    Integrations: Connect with your daily third-party apps, tools, and cloud storage systems to automate repetitive tasks.

    Get almost endless integrations.

    OkaySend seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows whether it's connecting with CRM softwares, file storage solutions, or other tools you use.

    Our platform ensures a smooth integration process, enhancing collaboration and data sharing across your entire workflow.

    Get access to OkaySend today!

    From the founders

    Updated Roadmap

    Phase 1: Core Integrations, File Safety and Other Security Enhancements

    1. Send Emails Using Your Domain
    2. Send emails from your own domain for better branding and trust. E.g. you@your-company.com
    3. Dropbox Integration
    4. Integrate with Dropbox to allow users to easily upload, store, and manage files.
    5. OneDrive Integration
    6. Integrate with OneDrive for seamless file management and storage.
    7. Anti-virus Screenings of Collected Documents and Media Files
    8. Implement anti-virus screenings to ensure that collected documents and media files are safe from malware.

    Phase 2: Enhanced Functionality and User Experience

    1. E-sign (Ability to Collect Signatures)
    2. Implement e-signature capabilities to allow users to collect digital signatures on documents.
    3. Conditional Logic
    4. Introduce conditional logic to dynamically reveal or hide sections based on client responses.
    5. Multiple Clients per Request / Client Portal
    6. Develop a client portal that supports multiple clients per request.

    Phase 3: Advanced Customization and Monitoring

    1. Activity Logs
    2. Implement activity logs to track user actions and changes for better monitoring and auditing.
    3. Edit Reminder Email Body (English Language)
    4. Enable users to customize the body of reminder emails to better fit their communication style.

    Phase 4: Developer Tools

    1. API
    2. Add an easy-to-use no-code API to integrate with other systems and customize workflows.

    Phase 5: Security and Additional Integrations

    1. OTP for Extra Security
    2. Implement OTP to enhance security by sending a code to the user's phone number for access.
    3. Make (Integromat) Integration
    4. Integrate with Make to automate workflows and connect with other apps and services.
    5. Chrome Extension
    6. Develop a Chrome extension for easier access to OkaySend from with in Gmail.

    Note: Features may vary based on the number of codes stacked.

    We are on AppSumo for a few more months and aim to implement these features before our deal ends.

    This roadmap isn't exhaustive and may change based on user feedback. Please reach out with your requests and suggestions. This is your chance to influence what we build. We want to build for you and are all ears!

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