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    AI-powered social media sidekick

    Creating engaging content across multiple social media platforms is overwhelming and time-intensive, making it a constant struggle to keep your audience hooked.

    Olly is a flexible AI-powered Chrome extension that generates dynamic comments, posts, replies, and virality scores, while also summarizing content, auto-commenting.

    It also supports all major platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Hacker News, YouTube, TikTok and Product Hunt, empowering you to skyrocket engagement and establish your brand in record time.

    We have 100+ paid users, 250 total users.


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    Helping you grow, one comment at a time, to become a better brand -- and faster
    Flexible Chrome Extension that can generate comments, posts, replies, and summarize across all social media platforms



    Generate dynamic comments in seconds, and in your own voice.

    Takes a few seconds

    Just select the post you want to comment on and generate a comment in seconds.

    Use your own voice

    Customize your commenting style one time and Olly will use it to generate comments in your voice.

    Learn from past comments

    Olly learns from your past comments and improves the quality of comments over time.

    Leverage the power of AI to predict what will go viral and what won't.

    Post what works

    Understand why certain posts go viral and predict what will work and what won't in seconds.

    Quality and quantity

    Generate more quality in quantity.

    Learn with every post

    Learn why certain posts go viral and which ones don't and why.

    Generate comments, replies, virality scores and similar posts in seconds.

    Pay once, use forever

    Olly is a one time payment. We hate subscriptions. But you will get lifetime updates.

    Choose your AI model

    Choose from GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 based on your needs.

    Connect with OpenAI API

    Connect your OpenAI API key and pay for what you use.

    Get access to Olly today!

    From the founders

    Olly v1.6.1.2 based on AppSumo feedback!

    Hi There Sumo-lings,

    Post the launch here we've heard a lot of suggestions from you folks. We've heard some of them in this new update:

    Version - July 16, 2024 6:32 PM

    • AI Personalities (Custom Buttons) - With Olly, you can now define AI Personalities (Custom Buttons), allowing you to set custom prompts and actions for generating personalized comments as an AI expert, digital marketing expert, e-commerce expert, and more. This update makes Olly relevant for agencies and large enterprises.
    • Expanded Language Support - Olly now supports Polish, Vietnamese, Slovakian, and Czech languages, in addition to the previously supported languages.
    • Bug Fixes and UI Updates - Various bug fixes and user interface updates have been implemented to enhance the overall user experience.

    Immediate Roadmap (Next items):

    • Support for more API Vendors Claude > Gemini > Straico (still evaluating)
    • Easy commenting panel for Twitter

    As always hearing more feedback, implementing more feedback! More details

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