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    OnWhatsApp fixes the basics and gets the job done

    Create your online catalogue and take orders via OnWhatsApp.

    Born from the need to have a website done up fast for web presence while simultaneously maintaining communication with your customers, OnWhatsApp has quickly gone from concept to reality.

    The creators saw small retailers, mom & pop shops, garage sellers, standalone coffee shops, and other small businesses struggle to build websites and make them eCommerce-friendly.

    They saw the problem… and then they came up with a solution.

    Product Management? Check.

    Catalog in a beautiful website? Check.

    Store settings to set up your store link, currency, payment instructions, and delivery fees? Check.

    Check out the demo here: https://onwhats.app/demo.

    Get lifetime access to OnWhatsApp now!


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    Product management solved for small businesses trying to break into the eCommerce sector
    Beautiful website catalog easily attainable and customizable
    Store settings to set up your store link, currency, payment instructions, and delivery fees
    Best for: Coffee shops, retailers, agencies, mom & pop stores, grocery stores, & home bakers to get started for cheap



    Blazing-fast dashboard (mobile optimized)
    Powerful settings to get started with pick up/delivery/payment options
    Webstore (desktop and mobile friendly)
    Choose the appropriate category for your products

    From the founders

    December 21, 2023

    Ahoy, Sumo-lings, you rockstars of the digital seas!

    Guess what? Your enthusiasm blew us away, and your overwhelming demand for our Business In a Box (Partner Plan) on AppSumo didn't fall on deaf ears. Oh no, it didn't! We heard you loud and clear, and now, brace yourselves because we've made the magic happen.

    To snag this deal that's practically singing, "Pick me, pick me!" you've got to do a little code stacking dance-10 codes, to be exact.

    Why, you ask? Because we're not just giving you a deal; we're handing you the keys to 25 stores for life! Yep, you read that right-25 stores! It's like the universe saying, "Here, take the whole bakery."

    Now, here's your backstage pass to the action:

    1. Head over to https://onwhats.app/partner/signup
    2. In the AppSumo code text box, unleash the 10 codes, separated by commas
    3. How to setup your Partner plan? Here's how: https://onwhatsapp.gitbook.io/quick-start/agency-partner-setup/your-website
    4. Feel free to use the Help desk and repurpose it for your users!
    5. Last but not the least, ROCK ON!

    But, and here's the tiny asterisk in the grand scheme of awesome: No recycling, folks! Those codes you've used before to work your magic? Keep them in the memory lane. We want 10 shiny, brand-new codes for this epic adventure.

    Ready, set, stack those codes and let the store-owning fiesta begin! 🚀🎉

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