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    When you don’t know how to code, creating a custom form is like trying to draw a circle without a compass. (“I know enough to know I’m doing this wrong.”)

    You’ll end up sinking hours into trying to create fields and support multiple question types, and that’s before you even start tackling submissions.

    If only there was an AI-powered form builder that made it easy to create stunning custom forms for any use case.

    Jump into OpnForm.


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    Share your form with the work via link or web embed and get notified of any form submissions
    Choose from a library of form templates or create your own with AI assistance in a few minutes



    OpnForm is an open-source, AI-powered form builder that makes it easy to create custom forms for your business.

    OpnForm lets you build a form from scratch with AI—just enter a few details about what you want and this tool will whip up the form.

    The AI can automatically create relevant questions for a new form that you can review and edit until it’s *chef’s kiss* perfect.

    That means you can create forms for any scenario imaginable, from gathering feedback after a purchase to collecting event RSVPs.

    AI generated forms

    Create forms for any scenario with AI by simply entering your use case.

    Want something a little more standard? Choose from hundreds of form templates to help you get started in a few minutes.

    Since all the templates are fully customizable, you can change the images, colors, questions, and more to match your creative vision.

    You can even use your own domain name via CNAME, so all the forms look like they’re hosted on your website.

    Form templates

    Access hundreds of professionally designed templates to use for your next form.

    Best of all, OpnForm supports over 10 input types including multiple-choice, short-answer, and long-answer.

    You’ll be able to add images, embed videos, add custom code, and create dynamic logic to create complex yet visually engaging forms.

    Once you’re done, you can share the form via URL or embed it on your website, so users can fill it out from any mobile or desktop device.

    Form sharing

    Share your form with the world via URL or site embed.

    Connect OpnForm to thousands of apps via Zapier and webhooks, making it easy to add the app to your current workflow.

    Plus, you can set up notifications in Discord, Slack, and email to get alerted every time someone submits your form.

    This is super handy for customer support or sales teams that deal with tons of incoming inquiries on “Contact Us” pages.


    Add OpnForm to your current workflow and receive notifications for any form submissions.

    With a smart form builder in your tech stack, you’ll want to send out surveys for every excuse under the sun. (“Hey honey, don’t forget to fill in the feedback form after tonight’s dinner!”)

    From templates to powerful integrations, OpnForm gives you everything you need to create custom forms for any use case, totally stress-free.

    Build beautiful forms in a snap.

    Get lifetime access to OpnForm today!

    From the founders

    A message from OpnForm

    👋 Hey Sumo-lings! We're Julien and the OpnForm team, and we're thrilled to introduce you to our brainchild – OpnForm! 🚀

    🏢 Who We Are:

    We're a group of tech enthusiasts and innovators form all around the world (Mexico, France and India), and OpnForm is our passion project. As the founder of NoteForms (formerly NotionForms), I saw the need for a powerful, yet user-friendly form-building tool. Our team is now dedicated to making OpnForm the best form builder out there!

    🌟 Our Motivation:

    OpnForm was born out of the desire to simplify form creation for everyone. We believe that beautiful, user-friendly forms should be accessible to all, from agencies to solopreneurs, designers, and small businesses. No more complicated, time-consuming form builders!

    🚀 What Makes OpnForm Unique:

    What sets OpnForm apart is our AI form builder and the fact that it's open source, making form creation a breeze and giving you the power to customize and expand. With hundreds of templates at your fingertips, you can have a stunning form ready in minutes. Plus, we're open source, which means you have control and can contribute to its evolution! Expect a continuous flow of features and integrations.

    💼 Use Cases & Value:

    OpnForm is a game-changer for lead generation, surveys, customer feedback, event registrations, and data collection. Our Sumo-lings have found immense value in streamlining their workflows and enhancing engagement with OpnForm.

    🔥 The Deal Clarified:

    You're getting a lifetime access to our Pro plan! It comes with ALL of our advanced features (more here: https://opnform.com/pricing) If you have any questions, feel free to ask! We're here to assist you.

    We're excited to be part of the AppSumo community and can't wait to see how OpnForm, as an open-source solution, transforms your form-building experience. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to your feedback and questions! 🙌✨

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