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    Easily create, manage and share your instructions and onboarding material with Opus●Guide

    Do your colleagues keep asking the same "how do I" questions?

    Are you spending hours each week manually creating your standard operating procedures or onboarding material for new hires?

    Create instructions and process flows in minutes with Opus●Guide, complete with screenshots and linked files. Whether you want to record yourself walking through the workflow with our Chrome extension, let GPT's AI write the instruction for you or build instructions manually via our browser-based app, the choice is yours. Opus●Guide allows you to easily create, edit and manage your instructions and process flows.


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    Effortlessly document and auto-generate your business processes
    Create and manage SOPs, onboarding, training, and knowledge



    Three ways to create your instructions: record step-by-step, create manually or autogenerate with AI

    Capturing your knowledge is no easy task, so we try to make it a little simpler for you.

    You can:

    • Use our Chrome extension to record yourself walking through the process
    • Build your instructions from scratch or
    • Autogenerate instructions with the power of GPT's AI.

    Once your instruction is created, it is a breeze to make changes or add files or links to external knowledge. Now all that is left is to share with the right persons.

    Opus●Guide helps you to stay on top of your shared knowledge

    Are you struggling to keep everything you need to onboard new employees or share instructions with your team in one place? Opus●Guide to the rescue!

    We make it easy for you to stay on top of your instructions after you created them. Update, duplicate, organize, visualize, edit, export, share - Opus●Guide gives you so many possibilities, it could be a Daft Punk song. And we keep adding to your toolbox regularly!

    Opus●Guide makes sharing knowledge easy.

    Our new Team feature lets you share your intellectual property across your entire organisation. You decide wether a colleague can only view or edit instructions. Handy if you don't want the new guy to break things. And if you want to limit who can see an instruction to begin with, just assign your colleagues to teams. Some customers share passwords or sensitive data in their instructions for convenience - keep control by only assigning the instruction to the relevant team.

    Are you a service provider helping companies document their SOPs and instructions? Simply create a new organization for each of your end customers and keep them separated and happy.

    Get lifetime access to Opus●Guide today!

    From the founders

    May Wrap-Up

    Hey Sumolings,

    Just in time for swimsuit season we have some tasty improvements for you:

    • We upgraded our GPT-integration to GPT 4o - you will see better content and decreased generation times. To celebrate this step, we are upgrading regular users to 20 AI tokens per month and introduce AI with 5 token per month to occasional users (listing will be updated shortly). Power users are already on unlimited and will hopefully enjoy the increased generation speed.

    • One popular request was an insight into monthly usage - you will now be able to see your number of AI tokens used and instructions generated under Settings.

    We will continually roll out new features like tags (special shoutout to Mark S), multi-language support and an improved onbarding process and documentation over the Summer - stay tuned for more updates!

    Yours truly,

    Augustas and Jan

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