Perfect Recall

    One-time payment. Lifetime deal.

    Perfect Recall records, transcribes and lets you share highlight reels from your Zoom calls

    This deal has ended, but our partner has an annual deal here.

    Perfect Recall records, transcribes and lets you share highlight reels from your Zoom calls.

    Note-taking during calls is stressful, but recording calls requires hours of rewatching afterwards.

    Sometimes, only a few moments of the call are worth recording.

    Nothing you've tried works that well… until now.

    Meet Perfect Recall.

    Perfect Recall is an all-in-one tool that records, transcribes and lets you share video clip highlights from your Zoom calls.

    With Perfect Recall, transcribe all spoken words into searchable text.

    Now you can search for what was said instead of watching the whole video.

    During the call, take time-stamped notes so you can skip to the moments you marked as important after.

    Revisit a call 20X faster.

    Make a video clip from your call just by highlighting the transcription text.

    No need for iMovie.

    Now you can show ‘what happened’ instead of typing up long paragraphs.

    Perfect Recall helps you take notes, transcribe and make video clips, all for a lifetime deal.

    What are you waiting for? Get lifetime access to Perfect Recall now!

    Note: Google account required.


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    Perfect Recall
    Perfect Recall
    Perfect Recall

    From the founders

    March 10, 2021

    Hey there Sumo-lings!

    I'm Amanda, co-founder of Perfect Recall. Excited to launch and introduce Perfect Recall to the community here!

    Perfect Recall is your answer to your Zoom note-taking woes. Instead of frantically writing down everything, or rewatching hours of recorded calls, Perfect Recall records, transcribes, and lets you mark important moments at the click of a button. Now you can jump straight to the moments that matter and relax during calls while Perfect Recall transcribes live, for you.

    Perfect Recall was not only built for recording, but for sharing as well. Make highlight clips just by highlighting the transcript. This is great for sharing just the best moments - like highlight reels. Or, share the whole call, transcript and all. No more sharing Google drive links, or rough Zoom cloud recordings.

    Perfect Recall is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Some use cases are:

    - Consultants that record calls with clients

    - Startup founders that record sales calls

    - User researchers that record user interviews

    - Individuals who are in Zoom meetings and wants to remember/share information from the call!

    🌮 What do you get in this deal?

    ✔️ 30 video recordings/transcriptions per month (There is no time limit on how long 1 recording can be)

    ✔️ Video uploads

    ✔️ Unlimited teammates

    ✔️ Time-stamped notes

    ✔️ Text-based video clipping

    ✔️ Zoom integration

    ✔️ All upcoming updates (such as Google Meet!)

    ⭐ Frequently asked questions:

    Q: Can you record/transcribe meetings that aren’t your own?

    A: Yes you can!

    Q: Do you support languages other than English?

    A: Not yet, but it’s coming very soon. ;)

    On behalf of my team, we look forward to helping you stress less during Zoom calls. We’ll be around to answer your questions, so please do not hesitate to ask or share your thoughts. You can also email me at or send a message to us through our in-app chat widget. (Goes directly to our Slack) 😊



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