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    Monitor the performance and functionality of your website and get notified when it goes down

    Keeping your website up and functioning should not be a burden! Constantly refreshing and tailing logs are now a thing of the past!

    Trying to find which endpoint is failing and testing them one by one and analyzing logs would take a bunch of time. Instead, there should be a way to do everything in advance and you should only need to act when things are really going south.

    Databases, Load balancers, HA Proxy, CDNs - website stacks are getting more and more complex nowadays!

    What if it was possible to test all aspects of your website from around the globe and get notified only when everything is really getting out of control?

    Check out PingSuite.


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    Selective alerts via customized policies, preferred channels, and thorough downtime analysis from individual test logs
    Global website monitoring with customized alerts and advanced post-monitoring validation, all in one platform



    Monitor your website, services or ports - with PingSuite.

    Monitoring Overview

    With PingSuite, you can monitor websites, servers or applications - without any configurations or setup!

    Creating a fully customizable monitoring is possible with PingSuite. Adjust the request method, headers, body, authentication, and many more.

    Multiple protocols are supported:

    • HTTP/s: Monitor any website or endpoint.
    • DNS: Validate that your DNS servers are returning the correct records.
    • ICMP/PING: Ensure a host is up by validating ping responses.
    • SSL: Get notified before your certificate expires.
    • TCP: Monitor and TCP port for open connection.
    • UDP: Monitor any UDP port - send and receive message to test availability.
    Assertions: validate that the response or content contains what you expect.


    Validate the results before alerting - Advanced validation options are available with PingSuite. You can validate response headers, bodies, headers, status codes and even response times.

    PingSuite offers the ability to chain multiple validations to ensure you do not get notified for no reason.

    Set your preferences, alert policies, integrations, and maintenance windows for effective monitoring.

    Alerting Overview

    Alerting with PingSuite is completely flexible. You decide how you would like to and when you want to be alerted (urgency levels). Decide what is more important and receive SMS/Phone calls or Push notification (via Pushover).

    • Alert Policies: Define alert policies to notify the correct resource.
    • Integrations: Integrate PingSuite with tools you already use.
    • Maintenance Windows: Disable monitoring or notifications when you are doing scheduled maintenances.
    Monitoring from around the globe.

    Monitoring Locations

    Testing a website from different endpoints is a must nowadays. Using PingSuite, you can monitor your websites and endpoints from around the globe. We have servers distributed globally.

    • United States
    • Canada
    • United Kingdom
    • Germany
    • Finland
    • Singapore
    • Amsterdam
    • India
    • more locations planned!
    Status Pages

    Status Pages

    Transparency is key to build trust with your customers - with PingSuite you can now create and publicly share a Status Page and display the status of your services.

    If you wish to create a secure and private Status Page, you can also do that - by protecting with a password so only your internal team has access to it.


    Waking up during the middle of the night and searching logs, errors, HARs or screenshot isn't something cool. What's cool is result logs showing exactly what is failing. DNS? Web Server? CDN?

    Prior to alerting, PingSuite logs the response to ensure you know what's wrong.

    Whether you are blogger, developer, startup founder or a hobbyist, without an efficient monitoring tool, keeping your website up and ensuring it works 24/7 would be hard.

    However, luckily with PingSuite getting notified is a breeze. Set up monitoring and forget it. Well, except until your websites are down.

    Keep your site up and running.

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    From the founders

    Status Pages are now Globally Available!

    We've been working hard for the past couple weeks and during the last weekend we have made Status Pages available globally for everyone.

    The major features of the Status Pages are:

    • Public or Private (password protected)
    • Customizable website or support email.
    • Dark and Light theme
    • Custom Domain (with CNAME record)
    • Create multiple groups for each status pages
    • Link multiple checks to each group
    • And more to come in the near future!
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