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    Automate all your design tasks with the help of this AI-powered tool

    When you’re not a design pro, churning out marketing creatives feels like a DIY project gone wrong. (“Call me the layer slayer—I accidentally deleted everything.”)

    And even if you could master design software, spending your days editing multiple versions of the same design doesn’t sound productive.

    If only there was an AI-powered design tool that could automate all your design tasks, from generating data-backed designs to sharing feedback with your team.

    Make way for Plugger.


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    Generate different formats of display ads for personal and commercial purposes
    Automate the creation of social media posts, stock photos, and other marketing creatives



    Plugger is an AI-powered designer that can automatically create all your marketing and sales creatives to boost your ROI.

    Generate display ads with AI

    Plugger can create display ads formatted for platforms like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn — all you have to do is write a prompt about your campaign!

    • Optimize product photos for ecommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy
    • Enhance product photos and remove backgrounds in just a few clicks

    Display ads

    Create winning display ads in multiple formats with a simple text prompt.

    Automate your marketing design flow

    Thanks to the power of AI, Plugger can automatically design creative assets for all your marketing campaigns.

    • Simply type in project details and let the AI Graphic Design Assistant bring it to life
    • Get design assets across hundreds of styles in seconds
    • Create a brand kit to ensure that every design feels cohesive

    Brand kit

    Set up a brand kit to keep your designs in line with your branding.

    Data-driven designs at your fingertips

    Because Plugger understands the essence of your content, it can help you create data-driven designs that resonate with your audience.

    • Optimize social media posts for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn
    • Easily share design revisions with your team and make unlimited iterations
    • Improve photo quality by upscaling, increasing clarity, and tweaking image resolution

    Social media posts

    Generate compelling social media posts that'll resonate with your audience.

    Get unique stock photos in seconds

    Even better, Plugger can generate royalty-free stock photos in realistic, artistic, or cartoon styles to level up your marketing campaigns.

    • Use stock images to design anything, like logos, shirts, comic books, and more
    • Save time browsing for the perfect asset in those bloated stock media libraries

    Stock images

    Use Plugger to create unique, royalty-free stock images for all your design projects.

    Plugger can tackle all your design tasks, from generating display ads and social media posts to whipping up custom stock images for any campaign.

    Automate your design strategy.

    Get lifetime access to Plugger today!

    From the founders

    New Feature! Google Fonts

    Hey Sumo-lings,

    We're thrilled to announce that you can now use Google Fonts in your designs. 

    This means you have access to a vast font library, and we've added filters to help you find your favorite fonts quickly. 

    Currently, you can filter by language and name. 

    We're also working on more improvements, including favorite fonts and custom font uploads. 

    Start exploring the new font options today and make your designs stand out!

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