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    Pluginplate is an online service for creating highly optimized plugin templates for WordPress that are fully customizable to your need

    Let's be honest - no one likes to do repetitive tasks manually, so why write a WordPress plugin again and again from scratch if you can generate a perfectly written template that is based on your needs in less than a minute?

    Pluginplate solved exactly that issue!

    Built by developers, they addressed the exact pain points faced while writing plugins, and ended up creating an amazing tool that will definitely make your development easier (and your repetitive tasks shorter)!

    With other currently available services for creating plugin templates, the developers constantly faced the same problems -- Either the templates contained too many files that have been completely unnecessary and had to be removed manually, there simply haven't been any proper features available, or the code structure was too messy.

    All of these issues are history now since the creator engine is fully optimized to offer you only what's required with the specific features you chose.

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    Create highly optimized WordPress plugin templates based on your needs
    Choose from 13+ additional modules the extra features you'd like to add to your plugin template and download it instantly
    Every generated plugin follows the latest WordPress standards and offers a plugin structure that is optimized to your needs
    Best for: WordPress Developers and Agencies that require high-quality plugin setups for their clients/products


    One single page for creating your plugin -- this is where you will find everything you need
    Choose the modules you'd like to use within your plugin and adjust the settings
    Setup the main plugin settings for your plugin. If nothing is given, they will create it using default values

    From the founders



    Managing Director

    October 17, 2020

    Hey Sumo-Lings!

    My name is Jannis - the founder of Pluginplate and WP Webhooks and I'm super excited about introducing you to this beast of a service!

    Over the last five years of continuous plugin development, I finally had enough of manually adjusting my daily used plugin template over and over again. That's when I started working on a plugin template generator that allows me to save even more time by simply filling in the required values and the rest gets generated automatically.

    Launched for my very own purposes, I never intended to open Pluginplate to the public but after receiving great requests, we are lucky we did!

    Pluginplate combines code, from more than five years of experience, with amazing flexibility to not waste any additional time of removing code that isn't needed. Additionally, you can add extra features (so-called Modules) to extend the functionality of the template - That allows you to add commonly used features straight away so that you do not need to develop them from scratch again (Or to even try something new you haven't seen before).

    For everyone reading this, I have another surprise: Pluginplate also offers a powerful API that allows you to create plugin templates from wherever you want. This feature is also part of the deal, even though it is not explicitly mentioned.

    That's it from my end. Down below you will find a short Q&A based on the most commonly asked questions.

    We'll be happy to welcome you on board soon! :)


    How does your service determine if the simple or advanced template should be used?

    It depends on your added modules. In general, we always use the simple template wherever the advanced template isn't needed. For example, modules that do not necessarily require a more complex setup are applied to the simple template without loading any advanced structure. Some of these modules that do not trigger the advanced template are:

    - Add General Public License (GPL)

    - Add readme.txt file

    - Add helper documentation

    - Add configuration files

    How do I install my generated plugin template?

    Our generator automatically creates a fully usable plugin file. To add it to your testing site, simply upload it within your plugin page using the "Add New" key.

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