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    A feedback management, Surveys, Roadmap & Changelog tool

    Don't know which feature to prioritize? Don't go with your hunches.

    Make product decisions based on user feedback.

    ProductLogz simplifies the process of collecting & managing feedback with Feedback Boards & in app surveys.

    Prioritize with user votes & user segmentation. Keep users in the loop with Public Roadmaps & Changelogs


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    Make product decisions based on user feedback, not on hunches
    Reward your users for their valuable inputs as you gain new insights



    All in one Feedback Management software

    With ProductLogz, you can collect & track customer feedback, allowing you to capture insights when they are most relevant and accurate.

    Prioritize with user votes & customer segmentation

    Rule-based Micro-surveys allow you to collect feedback from customers when they are most active & on the platform.

    Keep users in the loop with changelogs & announcements

    This immediacy ensures that you can access up-to-date information to drive decision-making and take timely action.

    Feedback board

    Collect & track feature requests from your users, focus on the most sought-after features & incorporate them into your product development journey.

    Respond to customer feedback and hear what other users are saying.

    Allocate resources effectively, ensuring that the product evolves in a direction that meets customer needs.

    Feature requests empower customers to have a voice in shaping the product according to their needs and preferences.

    Public Roadmap

    Keep your users informed about your future plans, gather feature ideas, and prioritize development based on customer needs and expectations.

    Sharing a product roadmap allows users to have a voice in the product development process.

    It fosters a sense of involvement and engagement, as they can see their feedback and requests being considered and prioritized.

    In-App Surveys

    Create In-App Micro-surveys and collect feedback & insights in real time

    Nudge users for real-time feedback

    Target Right users with right questions

    Implement rules to get real-time feedback

    10x more valuable than Email Surveys

    Product Update Announcements & Changelog

    Keep your users in the loop about product and feature updates with ProductLogz Changelog software.

    Experience a user-friendly interface that supports complex formatting and linking posts and allows you to attach labels or tags for enhanced categorization.

    Transparently showcase your updates on a dedicated Public Changelog Page.

    Announce product updates with announcement widgets!

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    From the founders

    ProductLogz V.2 with updated features

    Hey Sumolings!

    We are back with Produclogz version 2 with lots of new feature updates & exciting new features planned ahead!

    We heard you!

    And the last couple of weeks we were heads down developing & shipping the most demanded features- Workspace, sub-domain, custom domain along with other functionalities like the ability to add comments, add categories, sort by status, etc.,

    We also have some exciting features planned in the roadmap like changelog, notifications, integrations, etc., so do grab your deal now, & share your feedback.

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