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    Beautiful product photos and optimized copy in minutes for ecommerce brands, marketers & agencies

    You’ve locked down your manufacturer, perfected your product and made a huge investment in inventory to sell online... but then crickets...

    It turns out the photos do not capture attention, and without the resources for a lavish photoshoot, you're stuck.

    You need a simpler way to turn those boring product photos into stunning marketing assets or optimized listings to improve your brand’s reach, conversions and sales.

    Introducing ProductScope AI.

    ProductScope AI’s Photoshoot tool is helping thousands of businesses owners and marketers transform ordinary product images into visually stunning scenes and if you sell on Amazon you can also unlock unique customer insights and optimize your listings into customer magnets.


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    Create beautiful product photos and optimized Amazon listings in minutes
    Improve your product visuals and gain customer insights for better sales



    One photo, unlimited settings.

    Create unlimited backdrops for your products with access to 250 curated scenes across 21 distinct themes or simply describe your scene with text or just use our “Ask AI” feature to easily create unique scene prompts for you.

    ProductScope AI is ideal for small brands, designers or even creative agencies looking to improve their products reach, conversions & sales.

    Mix up your lifestyle photos across social media

    Resize and extend your Images to any size up to 4K. Repurpose one photo into multiple pieces of content across Instagram posts, Facebook and even Amazon Posts.

    Refresh your marketing with vibrant, scenario-specific product imagery across your websites, email and socials.

    These AI photoshoots powered by Stability Diffusion and GPT-4 automatically include realistic shadows and reflections, saving a ton of time and money in ecommerce on ANY platform.

    Easily edit with ProductScope AI’s intuitive canvas editor.

    You can quickly add text, refine scenes, add multiple products, reuse background scenes, remove defects from photos, in-paint objects into the photos and even use your own branded reference scenes to ensure a cohesive brand experience in your marketing assets.

    Create up to 1 month worth of Product Creatives with Burst Mode.

    Unleash your inner ‘Avenger’ with the new “Burst Mode” photoshoot feature.

    With this feature you can now in just a few minutes, create up to 30 day’s worth of marketing assets for your socials or website with just a single click. (...The ‘Avenger’ bit is a little inside joke but you’ll find out why once on the inside!)

    Make your Amazon listings a click magnet!

    If you sell on Amazon, our Amazon Listing Optimizer powered by GPT-4 allows you to masterfully craft highly optimized Amazon listings effortlessly.

    Utilize high-impact keywords and unique customer insights derived directly from your reviews to boost discoverability and watch your sales skyrocket.

    It’s time to stop struggling with the high costs, complexity, and time demands of traditional product photography, creative curation and listing copywriting.

    ProductScope AI helps you accelerate your brand’s visibility and sales effortlessly with better creatives and optimized copy in minutes with a few clicks.

    Elevate your e-commerce marketing game.

    Get lifetime access to ProductScope AI today!

    From the founders

    Hey there Sumo-ling community! 👋

    This is Vijay Jacob, Founder of and FosterFBA. My team and I are excited to share with you ProductScope AI for brands!

    In a nutshell, ProductScope AI helps ecommerce brands, designers or even marketing agencies boost reach and sales by turning boring product photos into visually stunning “Instagram-Ready” creatives, and if you sell on Amazon you can gain unique Amazon customer Insights along with your high-impact keywords to optimize listings, all with a click of a button.

    ❓ Why ProductScope AI?

    My Amazon Ad Agency founded in 2018, managed well over $30M+ in Advertising Ad spend and $100M+ in combined Ad revenue for our brand partners last year.

    Over the last 6+ years, we learnt a ton on branding & revenue optimization and our clients biggest painpoint usually was around poor visuals, lack of social media presence or unoptimized listings.

    I found the solutions for visual content creation & optimization for brands were so fragmented or expensive that once Stability Diffusion came out, I poured all that experience into building ProductScope AI, the go-to software solution we wished we had for our FosterFBA Ad clients earlier.

    With ProductScope AI, you can:

    ✔ Remove the background of your existing product images automatically, if required

    ✔ Use AI to generate photo-realistic backgrounds for your products in seconds

    ✔ Select from 250+ scenes across 21 predefined themes or describe a custom background

    ✔ Add multiple products to get endless variations

    ✔ Edit generated images, add text and reuse backgrounds for different products

    ✔ If you sell on Amazon optimize your product listing pages and derive unique customer insights as part of your product research

    Some of ProductScope AI’s winning features 🏆:

    🔶Generate up to a month's worth of product photo creatives for social media, websites, or emails instantly with BURST MODE.

    🔶 Effortlessly craft the perfect product prompts with the "ASK AI" prompt builder, eliminating the need to master prompting techniques.

    🔶 Enhance your Amazon listings with the Listing Optimizer and Customer Insights tools, designed to extract unique insights from reviews and optimize your listings for increased conversions.

    Check out our public roadmap to see what's on the horizon:

    Ready to simplify and transform your brand’s creatives and sales? 🚀

    My team and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have 👌.

    To your success,

    -Vijay Jacob and the team

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