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    Recruiting platform for IT professionals with over 60 million engineers sourced from GitHub

    Tired of reaching out to experienced software engineers on LinkedIn and not hearing back? Worried you are missing the most qualified candidates? Need clear unbiased expertise assessed by application, language or skills?

    Prog.AI empowers you to stand out from the crowd of recruiters by knowledge enabling highly personalized outreach to the engineering/developer candidates.


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    Find and hire engineers using a database of 60 million+ candidates
    Find your best matches by filtering specific skills, locations, employment, and more



    Find qualified engineers quickly.

    LinkedIn has ~23 million engineers registered globally. Prog.AI has over 60 million. There is a much larger pool of top quality candidates; shouldn't you be accessing it?

    Some key features of Prog.AI include:

    • Candidate response rates over 20%
    • In-depth understanding of candidates' engineering expertise by language, application and skill.
    • No risk of reliance on self-reported information by engineers.
    • Over 50 powerful filters to find your perfect candidates.
    Search with AI.

    With Prog.AI you get access to robust profiles for over 60 million qualified software engineers and developers based on contributions to GitHub and LinkedIn.

    Save hours of vetting efforts with skill Inference and quality-based scoring from code.

    Seamless integration with multiple functionalities.

    Integrations enable personalized email campaigns to candidates.

    We offer an in-depth look into the candidate's code submissions and their work on open-source projects; allowing you to write heavily personalized outreach to ensure your outreach resonates.

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    Hiya Sumo-Lings✌️

    Prog.AI's team and I have been using AppSumo for a few years now and we are all pretty sure that no one will read "From the founder" note unless it's really brief. So I'll do just that - be brief.

    We love AppSumo and value Sumo-Lings feedback, so we have dedicated a team member specifically to support YOU. If you have any questions or would like to share your feedback, please reach out directly to and you will hear back in a matter of hours (unless you reach out at night time, we are in PST).

    I hope you all enjoy Prog.AI and I can't wait to hear your feedback and work with you all!

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