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    Build unlimited websites with niche-specific, yet powerful WordPress themes

    Creating beautiful, customized websites sounds like something out of a fairytale.

    But you don’t actually need a magic lamp and a team of developers dressed as genies to make your site dreams come true.

    No, there’s an easier and more realistic way to build an unlimited number of sites, your way.

    Introducing ProteusThemes.


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    Get 20+ WordPress themes with all the functionality you need to build unlimited websites
    Use the advanced, lightweight page builder to get your sites up and running — fast
    All themes are optimized for local SEO so you can reach the right audience
    Best for: Freelancers and web design agencies that want plug-and-play WordPress themes for any client or occasion


    ProteusThemes helps you build unlimited stunning, SEO-optimized websites with customizable themes.

    With ProteusThemes, you get 20+ niche WordPress themes that can get your website set up in minutes.

    Design and install are a breeze; use One Click Demo Import™ to automatically configure your new site using the same look of the demo theme, so you never have to start from scratch.

    Once you have your theme, it’s easy to insert your content and drag-and-drop widgets to get the exact look you want.

    Many of the WordPress themes out there can only be customized up to a certain point, which makes it harder to build unique sites for your business or your clients.

    ProteusThemes has 40+ customizable widgets that allow you to fully tailor sites for any business, no matter the product or service (CBD cat treats, anyone?).

    All the themes use PageBuilder by SiteOrigin, a powerful tool that makes it easy to create the sites you want without overloading your front-end or back-end.

    Best of all: no coding skills required.

    It’s great to have all the functionality you need, but with some themes that means sacrificing page speed, making you feel like you’ve gone back in time to dial-up.

    ProteusThemes removed the non-essential features many other multipurpose themes use and replaced them with streamlined code that is fully responsive and compatible with all browser types.

    With faster load speeds, you’ll provide a better user experience and perform better in Google’s ranking algorithm.

    Every theme from ProteusThemes is approved by the Google “mobile-friendly test” and is optimized for local SEO so you can attract more targeted traffic to your site.

    Pretty themes are great but if you do have questions or need help, it’s usually up to you and Google to figure it out.

    With ProteusThemes you get lifetime access to customer support and theme updates, ensuring your sites will run smoothly.

    Even better? Expert developers and designers will be on call to help with customer service tickets. (So no matter how complex your question is, you’ll always get an answer.)

    You also get access to a full library of how-to articles and theme-specific guides with detailed documentation.

    Picking the right theme is like trying to remember which of the four Ryans was the “good” one on a season of the Bachelorette.

    With ProteusThemes, you’ll always know you’re getting fully customizable, SEO-optimized themes.

    Get lifetime access today!

    From the founders

    February 04, 2020

    Hi there fellow Sumolings!

    Primož, co-founder of ProteusThemes here. We are a company that has been making WordPress themes for the last 7 years and are excited to bring you a lifetime deal on our entire theme library.

    I'm going to be short. With ProteusThemes you can get 20+ WordPress themes made for all kinds of different businesses. All themes come with one click demo import, drag & drop page builder and premium support in case something goes wrong.

    Let us know if you have any questions - we're here to answer!

    All the best


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