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    Your chance to grab high-quality, hand-curated social media content recommendations this Black Friday

    An active social media presence is necessary if you want to grow your audience and drive engagement with your followers.

    But trying to find high-quality, relevant topics to share takes hours, and more often than not, you just wind up doomscrolling Twitter. (In case you missed it, all fun is canceled this year.)

    Luckily, this AppSumo Black Friday comes with an awesome tool that automates curation and posting for you.

    Right on Quuu.


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    Get daily hand-curated social media content suggestions with 500+ interest categories to choose from
    Alternative to: Crowdfire, Loomly, and Hootsuite
    Customize the content on all your social media profiles, then integrate with your favorite scheduler to automate sharing
    Best for: Social media teams and marketers looking for fresh, hand-picked content for their audience without the manual work


    Quuu is your source for hand-curated, high-quality social media content suggestions based on your audience’s interests.

    Quuu finds the best, most relevant social media content so you don’t have to.

    With over 500 interest categories to choose from, you’ll always have something to share that your audience will love.

    All the content Quuu suggests is hand-curated and personally reviewed for quality by a dedicated team of experienced content managers, so you can rest assured your audience is always getting the best content.

    Quuu makes it simpler than ever to fill your social media content calendar.

    To get started, you just connect your social media profiles, or you can connect your social media scheduler and select the individual profiles you want to sync.

    You can select up to six suggestions per day and then let Quuu do the work.

    Now you can use all this newfound free time to dive back into that Twitter thread. (Don't worry, we won’t tell.)

    You know your audience inside and out and you know what content they want to see.

    With Quuu, you can customize the content of all of your social profiles individually, so you’re always #onbrand.

    Select the interest categories that will appeal to your audience from the list of over 500+ choices to start getting curated content suggestions.

    You can do the same thing for every social profile you manage—which is great for social media managers who are juggling multiple brands or accounts.

    Quuu doesn’t just source content for you, it also integrates seamlessly with your favorite social sharing tool to automatically share content directly to your audiences.

    You can manually review the suggestions and post them yourself, too. (We get it, it’s hard to surrender complete control.)

    Review the daily recommendations for all your accounts and easily see which interest category it came from in the dashboard, and you can create pods to share content between specific groups.

    Filter by profile to see one profile at a time and get a snapshot of the posts for the day.

    Plus, you can add or remove categories at any time so you’re always sharing the most engaging content with your followers.

    Finding the right content to share with your audience shouldn’t feel like hunting for Bigfoot (he’s out there, I swear!).

    Stop spending hours scouring the internet for the latest and greatest content and let Quuu do the work for you.

    Get lifetime access to Quuu today!

    P.S. Learn how to use Quuu like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!

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    From the founders

    November 22, 2020

    Hellooo Sumolings!

    Let me wish you a very happy and exciting Black Friday! We're over the moon to be able to able to connect with even more Sumolings this year by participating in this deal, and we feel that this deal, provides even more value than ever before!


    Because not only has our app recently undergone a full redesign and UX audit, including a mobile-friendly version, but we've made so many performance and usability tweaks and included more thoughtful touches to make your experience of receiving content suggestions via Quuu even more seamless and enjoyable.

    But even more exciting is, we're close to launching our latest massive release. Quuu Discover!

    You're going to love Discover. It's a total game-changer for our users, because not only will it provide you with even more content to read and share, but it'll also allow you as Sumoling LTD holders to share your own content with the Quuu Discover community...without having to pay us a penny more. (This is not Quuu Promote).

    You'll be able to supplement your super high-quality content suggestions that we send you every day with even more content that has been added and peer-reviewed by other discerning users who are looking for quality, engaging content to share with their followers, or even just read themselves when they get a spare moment.

    We don't want to reveal all just yet, but we do want you guys to be as pumped as we are for the release, and we're just thrilled to be able to promise that you'll have access as premium users to share your own content within Quuu Discover at no extra cost....COMING VERY SOON!

    For a quick view of our future roadmap, please visit https://quuu.co/roadmap.

    So, without further ado, go ahead and snaffle up this deal, because it's a stonker! We hope you'll love the look and feel of the new app, and will get a lot of pleasure from the content we provide, which is so unique in the way it's lovingly curated and reviewed by our team in-house!

    Happy Black Friday, feel free to ask our team any questions you may have, and if you feel so inclined, we'd love to read your reviews!

    Best Wishes All,


    Co-Founder & CEO of Quuu

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