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    Releases is a ridiculously simple approach to affordable changelog software

    Discover the simplicity of Releases - the ultimate solution for managing changelogs seamlessly.

    Effortlessly communicate product updates, engage stakeholders, and keep your team well-informed.

    With unlimited posts, team members, subscribers, and ample file storage, experience a hassle-free way to share your progress and keep everyone in the loop.


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    Simple and intuitive changelog software
    Seamless communication with users and stakeholders



    Effortlessly announce product updates.

    Experience a clutter-free interface with Releases - our changelog software is crafted for effortless navigation, allowing you to dedicate more time to crafting meaningful updates.

    Personalize your experience with sleek, intuitive themes, and maintain your brand identity by incorporating your logo, brand colors, and custom domain.

    Keep your customers and stakeholders in the loop with quick, effective product update announcements through our powerful changelog software, Releases.

    Effortlessly publish your changelog entries on the go with our versatile editor.

    Easily create your new changelog entry using our versatile editor, equipped with diverse formatting options and hassle-free image upload capabilities for seamless content publication on the go.

    Stay connected with your audience using clear messaging, emojis, and visuals, all sent straight to their inbox.

    Keep your subscribers informed and engaged with your latest updates and features through our dashboard, complete with emojis, screenshots, and clear messaging delivered straight to their inbox.

    With the subscriber dashboard, you can easily track and manage your audience.

    Stay connected with your audience using our on-page widget and ensure timely updates reach your users.

    Build trust with transparent and timely communication.

    Showcase your updates through our on-page widget and never miss an opportunity to engage with your audience.

    Experience the difference with Releases -- get access today!

    From the founders

    Hello, Sumo-lings! πŸ‘‹

    This is Andreas, founder of ivy.mayhem (the small indie studio behind Releases). Releases is our latest addition (launched in August 2023) and we really look forward to bring you this deal.

    Together with AppSumo, we're offering you our really affordable lifetime deal. Purchase once, use forever. All features we may add in the future will always be available to you.

    Releases allows you to easily create and maintain a changelog for your website, software, app – anything that you'd want to keep a changelog for. I invite you to test Releases for 10 days and if you like it, go ahead a grab this limited LTD. πŸš€

    We're constantly improving Releases and work on updates regularly. Next up on our roadmap are two more themes and improvements to the team management for admins. We look forward to any suggestions and feature-requests.

    You can reach me at

    Cheers! Andreas

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