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    Scraping data from Yellow Pages has never been this simple

    Scrape and extract thousands of business leads (email, phone, social media contacts, etc.) from the Yellow Pages of different countries. Scrape your keyword/niche for the whole country (US, UK, CA, DE, CH), including 36,000+ cities with a single import.

    Reoon YellowPages Scraper is a simple, yet powerful YellowPages lead scraping tool for online marketers.


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    Grow your leads list with local businesses leads
    Crawl business websites for the most up-to-date data



    Kick start the email or phone marketing of your business.

    Using it, you can extract email addresses, phone numbers, and other information, in addition to crawling websites for all the latest data.

    The town-level search technology allows you to scrape millions of profiles from different cities or towns individually with a single click.

    Grow your leads list with thousands to millions of local business leads.

    Data scraping includes the following fields: Search location, search rank, profile/company name, category, profile url, full address, phone number, email address, website, rating, no. Of reviews, years in business, email from website, phone number from website, social media profiles from website, and more.

    Supported Countries (Yellowpages) include: (US), (UK), (UK), (Canada), (Germany), (Switzerland), and more to come.

    Get email, phone, and social media leads of your potential customers.

    The YellowPages can be a great source of leads for your cold email and phone call marketing. Direct communication and feedback from potential customers can allow you to make huge improvements to your service.

    Start scraping millions of leads from YellowPages of different countries and export them in an Excel file.

    Get lifetime access to Reoon YellowPages Scraper now!

    From the founders



    Software Engineer

    November 28, 2020

    Hey Sumo-lings! 👋

    This is Farhan, the founder of Reoon and the lead developer of this project. On behalf of my team, I am delighted to be able to launch and introduce Reoon YellowPages Scraper to the AppSumo community here!

    Before talking about this software, I would like to share our story behind the development of this software. We started our business in late 2016, and at that time we were facing problems in reaching out to our potential customers properly. As a startup, we didn’t have too much funds to spend on ads while testing everything related to marketing. Although we tried going with ads with our limited budget at the beginning, soon we realize that the ads are costing us more money than we were able to get back in return and also we were not able to get enough feedback from our customers which was very important for us to improve the service. So we thought we should go looking for a different opportunity, where we can directly interact with our potential customers. That’s the time when the idea of this YellowPages scraper came into our minds.

    Yellow Pages are one of the largest online business directories in many countries, where millions of business owners listed their business along with the contact details. So, we saw that as a big opportunity for us. We thought, if you just can reach our potential customers directly via email, phone, website, or via social media, it can be much more efficient than just running ads on different platforms. Moreover, it would give us more control over our marketing and we can also get reviews and suggestions directly from our potential customers. And most importantly the individual customer level communication can help us a lot with the growth of our business. So, we decided to build this software. And I am proud to say that it was a great success for us!

    With our software, you will also be able to do the same thing for your business. You can get the leads of your thousands to millions of potential business customers. You can directly contact them with about your service. You can get real feedback from them and improve your service just as your customers need. And most importantly you can convince them to be your long-term paid customer. Please check my other FAQ's post to get the answer to most of your questions.

    Thank you, everyone.

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