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    Track KPIs across all your marketing channels with customizable dashboards

    You want your clients to see how well their marketing campaigns are doing, but you don’t have time to keep updating reports for them. (“The numbers don’t lie… because they don’t exist yet.”)

    Hunting down metrics, deciphering KPIs, and building new reports is stressful and tedious.

    Wouldn’t it be great to automate the creation and updating of reports so you and your clients can easily track helpful real-time data?

    Reintroducing Reportz, now fully enhanced.


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    Create fully customizable dashboards based on KPIs with real-time data from all your marketing channels
    Set up white-label-friendly dashboards and share with clients and team members to improve tracking and reporting



    Reportz is an intuitive, fully customizable KPI-based reporting tool that pulls real-time data from all your marketing channels.

    With Reportz, you’ll be able to automate the reporting process for clients, ensuring that they get regular updates with no extra effort on your part.

    These automated reports allow you to speed up your client reporting system and increase transparency between you and your client.

    You can add an unlimited number of users, which means each user in your organization can collaborate more efficiently while also reporting for their own individual clients.

    Reportz offers a KPI-based, customizable dashboard that pulls data from your marketing channels in real time!

    Customization isn’t just for wedding cakes and Build-A-Bear Workshop.

    Creating custom dashboards in Reportz is a quick and user-friendly process that lets you white-label your dashboard with brand logos, colors, backgrounds, and more.

    You can also assign custom subdomains to your dashboards and set up automated email reporting from a custom email address for the full white-label experience.

    Create customized and detailed reports that outline all the metrics you specify, providing only the information you want in as much detail as you need. (Unlike that one oversharing neighbor.)

    With a fully customizable dashboard, you get to decide which data you want front and center.

    Once your Reportz account has been created and all your integrations are set up, you can start assembling your reports in minutes, not hours. (More time for your whittling hobby! Yay!)

    Access pre-made templates for SEO, PPC, social media, ecommerce, and more to get the information you’re looking for in a few clicks.

    You’ll be able to customize the templates to better fit your campaign needs and make sure that your metrics are working for you.

    Use a selection of reporting templates to create your own reports in just a few clicks!

    Reportz integrates with 19+ (and growing!) major data providers, allowing you to pull real-time data from marketing tools and social channels.

    Connect accounts for Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, SEMrush, WooCommerce, and more to get the data you need when you need it.

    Dashboards can contain data from different sources, allowing you to completely customize your dashboard to present all the data you want to see.

    Integrate Reportz with the marketing tools and social platforms you already use to get the data you want to see.

    Privacy and data security are top of mind whenever you’re dealing with sensitive data (like my embarrassing playlists from middle school ft. Hoobastank).

    With Reportz, you can password-protect your dashboards so that only authorized members can access this data.

    You’ll be able to share a regenerated dashboard link with those who need to view specific data but don’t need access to change any of the reporting settings.

    Keep your data and reports secure with a password-protected dashboard and custom permissions.

    Just like waiting in line is the least exciting part of Walt Disney World, the fun part of marketing definitely isn’t manually updating reports. (Wheee…)

    It’s time to put reporting on autopilot with customized reports, KPI-driven dashboards, and real-time updates.

    Reportz lets you take back those valuable hours and hypercharge your reporting process.

    Get lifetime access to Reportz today!

    From the founders

    An update from Reportz

    Greetings, Sumo-lings!

    This is Rad with Reportz - All-in-One solution for Client Reporting 😍

    Let me tell you a story first...

    A decade ago I co-founded Four Dots, a digital marketing agency. As we expanded to 74

    employees, we lacked adequate commercial tools to manage our link building and SEO

    operations and productivity. Thus, we created three sexy SEO-focused tools in-house.

    As these tools evolved, industry colleagues and former employees wanted access. Inspired and

    motivated, we introduced them commercially as,, and 🥳



    Together with and, makes an advanced suite of connected

    SEO-focused tools called Kraken Box that together work better than the sum of their parts 💪

    So, let’s talk about Reportz.

    Reportz is an intuitive, fully-customizable KPI-based reporting tool with real-time data from

    all your marketing channels. We know that the reporting process typically takes hours of

    your time on a weekly basis, which is not at all efficient, especially in today’s fast-paced

    digital environment.

    Reportz enables you to automate the creation and updates of your reports so your clients,

    supervisors and/or team members can see important data in real-time within a

    fully-customizable live dashboard. Setting up your KPI structure within dashboards can be

    done within minutes and clicks thanks to our tool.

    With Reportz, you can:

    - Easily create fully-customizable KPI-based dashboards with real-time data from all your

    marketing channels.

    - Create and share live-URL dashboards with your clients and team members. Live reports

    save hours of time on client servicing and keep you both up to date with marketing efforts.

    - Further automate reporting with our premade reporting templates for various niches: SEO,

    PPC, Social Media, e-Commerce, etc.

    - Set up your white-label-friendly dashboards with your domain, colors, logos and


    - Have a highly functional and user-friendly tool that lets you filter, merge and display any

    data you need using our custom widget builder. You can add an unlimited number of

    widgets per dashboard!

    - Use our Mission Control feature that enables you to monitor important metrics for all your

    websites on a single page. You can also get alerts when your most selected metrics

    change, providing you with room for a timely reaction.

    - Reach high privacy & security levels as your data is perfectly safe and dashboards can be

    password protected.

    - Have a responsive mobile-friendly design as Reportz is just as comfortable to use on

    portable devices as it is on a PC, with reports looking dashing across various devices.

    Our reporting tool is best for marketing agencies of all shapes and sizes, freelancers, and

    solopreneurs who require a feature-packed and highly customizable reporting tool.

    Our customer support is available to you via live chat, emails or 1-on-1 demo calls!

    You can reach always me at


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