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    Build virtual spaces to socialize, work, teach, or hang out—like you do in real life

    You’ve tried to gather your team, classroom, family, or friends for a video chat hangout, but 90% of them end up going camera off or on mute to yell at their cat.

    As Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting would say, “It’s not your fault.” (Feel free to cry now.)

    Most video meeting software isn’t built for engaging the folks on screen.

    Want a way to create fun, interactive, and collaborative virtual spaces that people actually want to participate in?

    Reslash to the rescue!


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    Build virtual spaces that set the mood, from a chill bar lounge to a professional boardroom
    Alternative to: and Zoom
    Brainstorm with multiple whiteboards, screen shares, and apps in one space
    Best for: Teams, teachers, and friends looking for a new way to create an inviting virtual space for gatherings


    Reslash allows you to build a virtual space where you can connect, collaborate, learn, and socialize—all from one platform.

    Just like Space Jam isn’t just about a regular pickup basketball game, Reslash isn’t just your average video meeting software.

    With Reslash, you can go beyond just voice and video to create a unique experience that’s out of this world.

    Recreate a classroom, workspace, or even an evening lounge, using elements of the virtual space to set the mood.

    You’ll be able to change every element of the workspace, using backgrounds, GIFs, apps, images, and more to build a one-of-a-kind setting.

    Reslash room with supplemental media surrounding chat

    Build your own personalized virtual space with custom backgrounds, images, GIFs, and apps.

    Skip breakout rooms completely for your next town hall or networking event in place of something more like the real thing. (But without the name tags or sweaty handshakes.)

    Reslash lets you host multiple conversations in the same space, so anyone can move freely and join a conversation at any time.

    You’ll be able to move closer to a person’s bubble on the screen to hear the conversation, and move away when you’re done.

    Reslash room with many users sharing the same space

    Watch crowds come alive (just like IRL) with spatial audio and multiple conversations happening in the same space!

    Reslash makes it possible to host virtual hangouts that are actually fun. (Unlike when your grandma says “This is going to be fun” before three rounds of Trivial Pursuit from 1987.)

    Watch parties just got a whole lot cooler. Get together with friends to watch YouTube videos that play in sync, so everyone can enjoy the content at the same time.

    You can spice up your next virtual happy hour or family gathering by playing games together in a virtual environment that’s designed for entertainment.

    Reslash room with movie playing in theater background

    Host fun watch parties or play games with your group of friends and colleagues.

    Think outside the video meeting grid and opt for a team meeting that’s actually conducive to sharing ideas and collaborating.

    Reslash lets you collaborate on multiple Google docs, whiteboards, and screen shares just like a brainstorm meeting in real life.

    You can have multiple groups working within a single space, so there’s no need to join another call when you have to regroup.

    Reslash room with two screens being shared

    Make meetings more effective by collaborating directly on apps like Google Docs or Miro and sharing multiple screens at once!

    Tired of boring video meetings that kill creativity and engagement? (Unless an apology train of “Sorry, you go ahead” really sparks your imagination...)

    Reslash lets you create a space that matches the tone of your gathering with tools that actually make communication and collaboration enjoyable.

    Never have another boring video call again.

    Get lifetime access to Reslash today!

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    From the founders


    Ashwin Gupta

    CEO and co-founder

    May 27, 2021

    Hi Sumo-lings!

    I’m Ashwin, CEO and co-founder of Reslash. I’m excited to have AppSumo community get a taste of building virtual spaces using Reslash 😁


    Reslash is an all-in-one virtual spaces platform that’s focused on sparking conversations. Whether it be a virtual office, event or classroom - we recreate the feeling of working, socializing and hanging out like you would in real life.

    Reslash has a bit of an old school feel to it! You can change everything about it - whether it be backgrounds, your avatars or anything else. This means you can easily have an 80s bar and a spacious boardroom - all in a single space.

    ***ABOUT US***

    We’re a team of 3 - I’m the product, design and marketing guy. Divyanshu is the data scientist and serial coder. Akshay, a swiss army knife of coding, analytics and operations! We three have been in the SaaS space for about 5 years and met at our previous company, VWO - a global a/b testing platform generating $20m+ in revenues. I was heading heading existing business while Akshay and Divyanshu were heading analytics and data science.

    We thought of this because in the remote setup post-covid, we saw our relationships at work slowly decline into oblivion over the course of the year. In November 2020, we decided to leave our jobs and embark on this journey of building a platform that brings back the feeling of being together online.

    That’s how Reslash was born.


    Reslash space has rooms that use spatial audio. You can have up to 100 people in a room having multiple conversations. You just move closer to people you want to talk to. Move away to leave a conversation. Here are some key features:

    ✅ Customizable spatial rooms with spatial audio

    ✅ Space and room permissions to give you the ability to curate experience

    ✅ Apps like Google Docs, Youtube watch party, Chess and others

    ✅ Multiple screen shares within a single room

    ✅ Personalized avatars and room chat

    ✅ Megaphone to talk to the whole room

    ✅ Announce important information across rooms


    For personal use - Bring your family and friends together virtually and have a great hangout session

    Remote or hybrid startups and and SMBs - Use Reslash to build your virtual office, host your next townhall and build your next event - all from a single space

    Event Organizers - Get people to interact with each other. Reduce the number of breakouts you need to manage. Easy but powerful room and user permissions help you be in control.

    Enterprises or Agencies - Use Reslash to bring your teams together. Build events where people network like they would in the real world. From a single space.


    Crowd management to organize events better

    Stage to have have live sessions

    Tables and desks to recreate the feel of an office or event and have private conversations within a room

    Multiple new games

    Event Analytics


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