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    Use a no-code AI chatbot builder to create custom ChatGPT bots for sales, lead gen, and more

    If you’ve ever interacted with AI, then you know that some chatbots are way smarter than others. (Sorry not sorry, Clippy.)

    That’s because creating an intelligent chatbot takes a whole lotta time and effort—not to mention a big tech company’s resources.

    But what if you could leverage cutting-edge AI language models to deploy an expert chatbot in just a few minutes?

    Meet re:tune.


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    Train your chatbot to become a subject matter expert on your product or business using info like internal docs and web content
    Publish the chatbot on your website with one click, or integrate with other platforms like WhatsApp, Slack, and Zapier via API



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    Re:tune is an AI-driven platform that helps you create, train, and publish custom chatbots for sales, lead gen, and customer service.

    With re:tune, you get all the tools you’ll ever need to build intelligent, AI-powered chatbots in a matter of seconds!

    Getting started is simple—just add a short description to create a detailed prompt with the prompt generator and generate a custom chatbot in a snap.

    You can define the personality, expertise, and tone of voice to create the type of chatbot your business needs on the daily.

    Not an expert at prompt engineering? No problem! You can leverage the auto prompt feature to set up your own prompt or copy-paste one that’s already worked for you.

    Write prompt

    Describe your chatbot’s exact personality and expertise in the prompt generator.

    With re:tune, you’ll be able to choose between three AI language models: GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and Claude.

    Each model has its advantages—like GPT-4 offers incredible reasoning capabilities, while the Claude model’s got an impressive memory.

    You can also control your chatbot’s creativity, so it can sound purely analytical or fun and whimsical. Either way, it’ll be helpful!

    Plus, you can set limits for your chatbot, including token size and thread count, to ensure nobody’s exceeding usage limits.


    You can choose your preferred AI model, token sizes, and thread counts.

    Transform your chatbot into a subject matter expert by compiling documents and webpages into a knowledge library.

    You can upload PDF and TXT files to train it, including things like your company’s pitch deck or scientific studies.

    You’ll even be able to add relevant URLs to help your new chatbot scrape professionally-written blogs and articles for useful information.

    Best of all, re:tune’s chatbots remember old conversations, so you’ll never have to repeat yourself ever, ever again.

    Knowledge library

    Upload files and scrape webpages to turn your chatbot into a true expert.

    You can integrate your chatbot as a widget or page embed by copy-pasting an itty bitty code snippet to your site’s HTML.

    It’s a cinch to connect to other platforms via API, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Zapier.

    With re:tune under your belt, you’ll be able to manage customer convos, answer frequently asked questions, and warm up leads without lifting a finger.

    Code integration

    With a short code snippet, you can integrate your chatbot anywhere on your website.

    It’s time to build chatbots that actually sound like intelligent and reliable subject matter experts. (“Okay, now explain it to me like I’m not five.”)

    Good thing re:tune is packed with the advanced AI language models, auto-prompting, and training capabilities you need to build smarter chatbots that you can integrate anywhere.

    Create chatbots that think big.

    Get lifetime access to re:tune today!

    From the founders

    Company and Product FAQs

    When was your company founded & where is it located?

    December 2022, Delaware

    What are past projects, failures, or successes you’ve had in your career?

    We have another company, re:cruit (, where we help early stage startups, specially from the YC community to hire from our network.

    What is your team size?


    2 founders (both engineer)

    2 engineers (total 4 including the founders)

    1 designer

    1 support

    Are you funded or bootstrapped?

    Bootstrapped. We have another highly-profitable business ( that funds re:tune with capital and engineering resources for retune's enterprise customers.

    What 3rd party tools is your product critically dependent on?

    OpenAI and Anthropic.

    Although, we are not directly or critically dependent on any third party tools, as long as our users have access to the APIs themselves.

    Where is your customer data stored?

    Washington DC, USA

    What’s the origin of the idea for your product?

    We have another business, re:cruit ( where we have been helping early stage founders to build their products.

    Over the years, we have helped a number of startups build AI solutions on top of language models and over time, we developed a bunch of internal tools to easily build these solutions.

    From there, we had this idea to build a frontend layer for easily using OpenAI APIs.

    After ChatGPT was released, we built the v1 of re:tune as a weekend project, to enable both engineers and non-engineers easily fine-tune OpenAI models without having to write any code - from there it gradually evolved as a platform to help users build AI based solutions.

    What problem is your product solving and how?

    AI is just getting started. And even with all the hype and excitement around it since the launch of ChatGPT, being able to use almost any of the latest AI technologies are limited to AI researchers or AI engineers because of the lack of powerful tools and rich, easy to use interfaces that everyone can use.

    And even though there are amazing startups building very specific solutions like chat with a youtube video or convert your FAQ list to a chatbot, they are very limited in nature and enforce a lot of artificial constraints (like limits on length of messages, number of users or only being able to use a particular model).

    Re:tune is building the platform to transform cutting-edge AI researches into user friendly interfaces for everyone to use, without putting any extra or unnecessary constraints or limits so our users can build whatever they want and however they want them to be.

    What’s the #1 thing you’re looking to gain from the AppSumo campaign?

    We have been knee deep in building re:tune - the campaign will help us to focus on engineering and catering to our customers while AppSumo helps us with marketing.

    What are your plans with the customers, cash, and learnings from the AppSumo campaign?

    We are primarily looking forward to work with the customers to understand their needs so we can prioritize our roadmap better to serve even more powerful AI use cases involving audio, video and image models.

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