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    Create and secure automated logins with RoboForm

    The only thing standing in between everything that is precious to your business and hackers are passwords (and maybe the Cheeto dust on their fingers).

    So if you’re still using “itsme123” or anything else that could easily be guessed, it’s time for a change.

    Now, we know what you’re thinking, “my employees and I log into way too many sites to remember long alphanumeric passwords.”

    And while that’s a real concern, we have a solution: RoboForm. (A solution that will only be available while we still have codes!)


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    Create and store complex passwords for all of your logins
    Onboard employees, delegate permissions, deploy security policies, assign credentials, and view reports
    Give employees or contractors access without sharing passwords
    Log into any site with one click


    RoboForm is a secure, intuitive, and easy-to-use password automation and centralized management solution for businesses.

    Roboform helps you create and store complex passwords, so your business never has to sacrifice security or productivity.

    That’s right. You won’t be wasting time guessing or resetting passwords because they’ll all be kept in RoboForm’s secure cloud. And you’ll be able to access logins from anywhere, at any time (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and all major browsers).

    With RoboForm, businesses can easily onboard all employees, delegate permissions, deploy security policies, assign credentials, and view reports.

    And when doling out those valuable logins to employees, you can give them access without sharing passwords. (You can never be too careful nowadays!)

    RoboForm uses end-to-end AES256 bit encryption for secure password creation, storing, and sharing. Even though RoboForm is like Fort Knox, Master passwords are never stored on RoboForm servers, and all data is decrypted locally.

    Lifetime Access to RoboForm

    To use it, simply visit a website and enter your current password. Then, have RoboForm save that password.

    Once that happens, you’ll be able to generate and save a new unique password that contains letters, numbers, and special symbols. Passwords can be up to 25 characters long. (Good luck cracking that code, hackers!)

    Lifetime Access to RoboForm

    It gets better, though. You can log into any site with one click. We’re not talking going to a page, typing your username, and having your password filled in. We’re talking just clicking on the link in RoboForm and immediately being logged in taken to the homepage.

    You can also store and categorize passwords in easy-to-manage folders. (Pin your most used logins at the stop for super quick access.)

    Oh, and if you hate filling out forms with personal info credit cards, don’t worry, RoboForm can store that info too.

    Lifetime Access to RoboForm

    Right now, over 6 million people are using RoboForm to protect their passwords.

    In today's deal, we’re bringing you lifetime access to the RoboForm for Business Plan.

    The RoboForm for Business Plan comes with:

    • Password manager and generator

    • Up to 5 users

    • Secure folder sharing

    • Two-factor authentication

    • Dual step authentication

    • Sync across all devices

    • Centralized employee onboarding (employee accounts can be created one at the time or all at once using CSV file import feature.)

    • Centralized policy deployment (set and deploy security policies for entire company or groups of users)

    • Role-based access permissions (four permission levels: Company admin, Group manager, Regular users, and Limited user.)

    • Advanced reporting (get full access reports for all users listed all points of access, time and date, platform type, IP address, and browser used)

    • And much more!

    Typically, this deal would cost you $150/yr.

    But you, my friend, can get lifetime access to five licenses for just $49! (All licenses must be used in the same company account.)

    Protect your business now!

    Lifetime Access to RoboForm

    Back in 1999, while the rest of us were partying (RIP, Prince), RoboForm entered the market as the first password manager. Yeah, they introduced the technology the competition is using.

    And during their entire product history, they’ve never had any confirmed or unconfirmed security breaches. (*knocks on wood*)

    RoboForm successfully works with more websites than competitors and also works with Win32 application (Windows API), which others do not.

    You will not find more deployment options anywhere else.

    Lifetime Access to RoboForm

    Passwords used to be elementary and easy to guess, or strong and impossible to remember.

    But RoboForm is changing that.

    RoboForm is giving you advanced protection while keeping things simple for you.

    Get lifetime access to five RoboForm for Business licenses for just $49!

    Secure and automate your passwords now!


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