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    Host exciting interactive virtual events for groups to learn and socialize

    Getting someone to attend your virtual event as easy as trying to convince them that the best Starburst flavor is orange. (They’ll eat it, but only when there are literally no other options.)

    As a host, you’re stressing about how many people will sign up, show up, and stick around for your talk.

    You need a way to set your events apart from the humdrum of Zoom conference calls.

    Introducing Run The World.


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    Host various events from networking happy hours to multi-track conferences, covering ticketing, payment, recordings, and more
    Alternative to: Zoom
    Connect attendees with 1:1 speed networking, small group discussions, live Q&As, and a Groupfie photo booth
    Best for: Marketers, community leaders, and event organizers committed to hosting events that attendees will want to show up for


    Run The World is the one-stop-shop to host virtual events that connect, inspire, and entertain.

    Run The World covers everything in virtual events from A to Z—event registration, ticketing, hosting, emails, payment, community, recordings, and more!

    It’s all accessible with a simple URL, making it easy to share events and so you don’t have to worry about attendees running into log-in or download issues.

    With Run The World, you can send attendees into rounds of 1:1 speed networking with the “Cocktail Party” feature. (You’ll have to provide your own tiny sandwiches.)

    Designate the length of each round from two to ten minutes as well as the number of rounds, letting attendees make new connections and rekindle old friendships.

    Use “Cocktail Party” to encourage speed rounds of 1:1 networking amongst your attendees.

    Run The World also features a Round Table option that lets attendees discuss topics and meet with others in groups of three to eight people.

    As host, you can set table topics and assign attendees to groups.

    And because we all have bad memories of being assigned to a dud group in school (“All Kevin has done is eat crayons.”), attendees can choose to join or create a new table.

    Hosts can create Round Table discussion groups and attendees can jump from one topic to another.

    Keeping attendees attentive isn’t always easy when everyone’s on a screen.

    To get your audience engaged, Run The World lets you enable attendees to participate in the conversation or engage in live Q&A using the Grab the Mic feature.

    Attendees can join the virtual queue and you can select who joins the speakers on “stage.”

    The Grab the Mic feature enables audience participation in discussions and facilitates live Q&As!

    Let’s be real, many virtual events are forgettable. (And the memorable ones aren’t always memorable for the right reasons.)

    You want your attendees to look back on your event and remember how awesome it was.

    Run The World lets you commemorate your events by creating a shareable Groupfie—that’s a group selfie—in the photobooth. ("Say queso!")

    You can also make your event stand out from the sea of Zoom calls with intro music, polls, stretch breaks, and sponsor shoutouts.

    Don’t forget to take a shareable Groupfie of your audience to document your awesome event!

    Unlike in-person events where you walked into a party without knowing who’d be there, Run The World gives everyone a social safety net.

    Every event comes with a built-in online community where attendees can chat before, during, and after your event.

    And because hosts deserve extra perks, you own your attendee list and can message superfans individually anytime.

    Run The World lets you own your attendee list and build communities.

    We’ve all experienced those awkward Zoom calls where you couldn’t hit “End Meeting” fast enough. (“Okay, thank you!” “Bye!” “Bye.” “...BYE!”)

    Run The World helps you host exciting interactive events that leave your attendees feeling good and connected to their communities.

    After all, whether your events are virtual or IRL, they’re all about the people.

    Get lifetime access to Run The World today!

    P.S. Watch the webinar and walk-through replay of Run The World here.

    From the founders


    Xiaoyin Qu

    CEO, Run The World

    March 30, 2021

    Hi Sumo-lings! I’m Xiaoyin, founder and CEO of Run The World.

    I am thrilled to share Run The World - a platform where you can create amazing online events that bring people closer, no matter where they are.

    I founded Run The World inspired by something my mother experienced. She is a doctor and lives in China. In early 2019, she traveled to a conference in Chicago where by pure chance she met a physician from Dubai. That connection led to them collaborating on a rare patient case. Distance shouldn’t be a barrier for people to get together to build relationships and change the world.

    Shortly after that, I started to create Run The World. We are backed by investors including Andreeson Horowitz, Founders Fund, Will Smith and Kevin Hart.

    Great content is not enough to make an event really valuable. Run The World creates opportunities for event participants to interact so people can make those life changing connections. We help speakers and attendees to interact, small groups to meet for great discussions (Round Table), and 1:1 networking (Cocktail Party).

    Run The World also helps you host a great looking event so it stands out and feels different from the sea of online webinars and meetings. You can choose your own colors, add music, and a bunch of other things to add your personality or show off your brand.

    Hosting a Happy Hour is a great way to start. Use it with your internal teams or any group you belong to. Pair people for timed 1:1 speed networking chats or discussions in smaller groups. We have dozens of party templates to help you create great conversations. We have hosted social mixers for companies from Facebook to Instacart, and communities like Forbes 30 under 30.

    We also want to make creating a summit or conference easier than you ever thought possible. The platform has everything you need: sponsor features, data and insights, and, of course, all the attendee engagement features that will give people a reason to show up and get fired up!

    Our AppSumo deals includes unlimited event duration, unlimited number of events, and up to 100K paid participants per event.

    I am really looking forward to seeing all the events you will create.


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