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    Share secure links to cloud documents with your email list, followers, and web visitors

    Tired of playing the waiting game after you send your sales deck to a potential customer? (“I'm getting flashbacks to passing notes to my crush in algebra.")

    Not only are you worried about whether they opened it, but you need to know if they viewed the whole presentation—or just the first slide.

    What if you could track open rates and downloads, plus see which pages people view the most?

    Introducing ShareDocView.


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    Share secure links to cloud-based documents with new leads
    Alternative to: Dropbox DocSend
    Track analytics like document views, downloads, and clickthrough rates
    Best for: Marketers, consultants, and startups that want to capture more leads with their digital content


    ShareDocView is a document sharing platform that helps you capture leads with your content, using secure sharing, up-to-date analytics, and landing pages.

    ShareDocView makes it a breeze to create document links that you can share with potential investors, email subscribers, and website visitors.

    Control who can view or download your content by setting up different access rights for every unique link of the same document.

    You'll be able to request that leads verify their emails with unique codes before viewing or downloading documents.

    And you can test unlimited links to compare results, as well as host documents on landing pages that capture leads with Google One Tap sign-in, which unlocks your valuable content.

    Dashboard view

    With Google One Tap sign-in, your leads can safely create an account to view your content.

    Whether you’re sharing a document or a pitch deck, your files will always be secure.

    You can add a password to open your link and use the 1-Click feature to disable access to your content within seconds.

    Since everything syncs up automatically, you’re even able to safely update documents without swapping out links.

    Landing page

    ShareDocView lets you create passwords for unique document links.

    ShareDocView also lets you add your company watermark, logo, and brand colors to all your documents.

    Share your professional content on a customized landing page, or embed documents into your current website so your files aren’t just run-of-the-mill PDFs.

    You can even redirect users from the landing page to your full website by adding a URL to your company’s logo, which helps people discover more of your brand.

    Branding features

    Add your company watermark and brand colors to all your documents.

    ShareDocView lets you track your document’s performance in more ways than one.

    You can opt in to receive notifications for every view and download, letting you follow up with leads while they’re still hot.

    Track which pages or slides have the biggest drop-off, so you can to figure out what’s working and what needs to be condensed.

    No matter what you change, you'll rest assured that anybody clicking on your link will see the latest version of your content.

    Analytics dashboard

    You can track everything from page views to downloads straight from your dashboard.

    Nobody likes being left in the dark when they send along a super important file. ("Well, guess it's in the cloud's hands now.")

    ShareDocView gives you powerful analytics, secure link sharing, and high-converting landing pages you need to turn every document into a potential sale.

    Share with confidence.

    Get lifetime access to ShareDocView today!

    From the founders

    April 18, 2022

    Hi this is Vince, business co-founder at! 📄📈📉📊📃📑

    What and Why? enables anyone to share documents with links to get:

    - More sales with Email leads from views or downloads

    - Detailed analytics on your docs, even each page / slide

    - Control: remove access anytime

    - Ability to update docs from the cloud (no more mistakes with attachments)

    - Branding for all your docs with watermarks, color and logos

    - Real leads with email verification

    - One place to keep all shareable files (no more sharing the wrong Google Drive folder)

    You don’t get any of these benefits with attachments! Stop attaching!

    - - -

    We launched on AppSumo Marketplace and got thousands of new users and hundreds of customers.

    After a great performance on AppSumo Marketplace, we got invited to relaunch our deal on AppSumo Select and decided to accept because we really enjoyed growing and vastly improving with fellow Sumolings.

    How did you get started building ?

    After 7 years at Nokia and Microsoft as a product manager I started building software and SaaS for the last 8 years with developers all around the world.

    I published a post on Linkedin analyzing document sharing solutions as I felt they were too expensive, buggy or didn’t have features I needed.

    Kristian, a top Bulgarian developer living in Mexico for over 20 years, commented on my LinkedIn post proposing to “build something better together”.

    We called via Skype (before Zoom was cool) and clicked, maybe also because we first spoke Spanish then switched to English as it was way better for both 😂 (fun fact I lived in Mexico in 2005 and I’m writing this pinned post from Mexico in April).

    We built 100% remotely, with short weekly calls to define product specifications and review progress on Trello, Google Drive and a few great remote tools.

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