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    Launch one-click Amazon PPC campaigns without past campaign data or experience

    Without past experience, boosting your Amazon sales can feel a lot like playing Super Mario Kart for the first time. (“Wait, am I supposed to hit the bananas or coins?”)

    The truth is Amazon is a super competitive ad platform, and it feels like you have to pay-to-play before you can make any money.

    What if you could run high-converting Amazon pay-per-click campaigns with optimized keywords and limited ad spend in just one click?

    Say hello to Simpliworks.


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    Launch expert Amazon PPC campaigns in minutes that drive sales, boost organic ranking, and increase ROAS
    Eliminate keyword research, campaign setup, and daily management with a one-click system



    Simpliworks is a one-click Amazon campaign builder that helps you launch agency-level PPC campaigns on autopilot.

    Simpliworks can deploy one-click Amazon PPC campaigns on the Amazon Ad Console. No past campaign data or experience required!

    Copy-and-paste product ASIN inputs or unique identifiers into the system to automatically add them.

    You can use the PPC campaign launcher to run highly effective search advertising campaigns with the click of a button.

    Forget day-to-day campaign management! Just let the tool dynamically optimize bids, harvest winning keywords, and negate losing keywords.

    ASIN input

    Copy-and-paste ASIN inputs to automatically add products onto the Simpliworks system.

    Launching a campaign is a breeze. Simpliworks can generate one-click campaigns in three phases: swarm campaigns, exploration, as well as ongoing campaigns and defense.

    Using swarm campaigns, the tool can analyze loads of keywords and identify which ones will generate the best results for your campaigns.

    At the “always-on” exploration phase, you’ll uncover lower-cost, high-opportunity keywords that are hyper-relevant to your product.

    Take advantage of the ongoing campaigns and defense features to discover high-performing keywords and defend your organic rankings against competitors.

    Dynamic campaigns

    Launch dynamic campaigns that adapt to the changing market conditions in your niche.

    The platform can manage and optimize bids for Amazon PPC campaigns to maximize return on ad spend (ROAS).

    Specify your advertising budget and automatically allocate ad spend across various campaigns based on performance.

    You can utilize a variety of keyword lengths and targeting methods to find the optimal advertising mix that will get the most conversions.

    And if you have multiple Amazon accounts or stores, you'll be able to manage all campaigns from the same dashboard using your Simpliworks account.

    One-click campaigns

    Let Simpliworks manage and optimize bids for one-click campaigns to maximize ROAS.

    No need to export spreadsheets and manipulate the data to understand the performance of a specific product.

    The Simpliworks dashboard aggregates campaign performance on a product-level and provides an overview of the most important metrics.

    Filter data by time period and monitor how campaign performance changes over time, so you know which products to promote and which ones to pause.

    You’ll also be able to view active keyword targets and their associated bid price without lifting a finger.

    And you can export all your campaign data as a CSV to improve your listings and SEO performance.

    Product-level performance data

    View your product-level performance data at a glance and easily update campaign budgets.

    Running Amazon search campaigns on autopilot will make you want to automate literally everything else. (Just wait until I can automate my workout routine.)

    With Simpliworks, you can deploy one-click PPC campaigns on Amazon, dynamically optimize bids, and boost sales without any extra work.

    Build your Amazon empire.

    Get lifetime access to Simpliworks today!

    From the founders

    July 07, 2022

    What up Sumo-lings!?!?!

    Before we get to Simpliworks and your new 1-click Amazon PPC solution, I just wanted to say "thank you" personally! This is such an engaging community and we have been chopping at the bit for the opportunity to contribute from this side as the deal provider! We hope you enjoy our solution and choose to join us on our mission to make selling online simple.


    We have sold on Amazon for years and got to see firsthand how much (and how fast) the Amazon platform was evolving. Seemingly overnight, droves of competition began to flood the market, advertising costs went through the roof, and the increasing complexity of the platform made “winning” formulas more elusive.

    For SHOPPERS the platform was Nirvana with 1-day shipping and a customer-first company focus — but for us Sellers, it was like navigating the Amazon with no map. When we searched the market for solutions we found independent tools that we’d have to piece together and over-engineered “all-in-one” SaaS platforms that required a Ph.D. to use effectively.

    Our business was growing and we needed a simple advertising solution that was genuinely end-to-end, affordable, and easy to use. The goal at the time was just to market our products with good returns, not become advertising experts. We didn’t find what we needed; the pain was great enough, so we set out to build it with no other option.


    Our mission is simple — to make selling online as easy as buying online.

    We are driven by the belief that you shouldn’t have to be an advertising expert to be a successful eCommerce Seller. We designed a solution that will give you hours back every week, save you the daily headaches, and most importantly maximize your sales.

    With Simpliworks you put revenue growth on auto pilot with 1-click and turn your focus to the other important areas of your business.

    WHO IS THIS FOR? 👨‍💻

    ✅ Solopreneurs and side hustle Amazon Sellers making it happen with small teams

    ✅ Retail brands with great products looking to expand their presence online

    ✅ Marketing agencies working to streamline their operations and improve profits

    ✅ Experimental Amazon Sellers who are always seeking that extra “edge”


    🚀 Launch WINNING Amazon Advertising campaigns in 1-click

    🌮 COMPLETELY offload your ads management and focus elsewhere

    💪 Dominate 1st-page results and drive SUSTAINABLE organic sales

    💥 Get more than just insights, have them ACTIONED by experts

    Well, what are we waiting for? Let's put your sales on autopilot today so you can get back to doing what you do best!

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